Apple iPhone 7

Since its launch in September, the iPhone 7 has helped Apple maintain its spot as a dominant player in the tech market. You might think too with Christmas three weeks away that the phone is flying off the shelves and it is.

Apple looks even better now to some Samsung users since the Note 7 has had its battery issues and people might be contemplating a move to the iPhone.

Internet rumors told us about a lot of potential features and the release confirmed them too. It was no surprise that social media sites lit up with outrage because the headphone jack is gone. Apple is pushing us to move to Bluetooth or wireless headphones and this is a smart move.

Stock sold out early with iPhone 7 plus and Jet Black 7 being among the hardest to get. Stock is trickling in now and Apple has cleverly created this need that we must have the new iPhone 7 particularly the Plus. Head over to the Apple website and check out this comparison page on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Having used the phone quite a bit, some things stood out for us while using the new iPhone.

Size and Colour

Apple phones don’t let you add an SD Card like Samsing phones. This meant that users of 16GB models were often running out of space. The 7 starts at 32GB, much like the Galaxy s7 and has 128 and 256 models available.
The screen on the 7 is 4.7 inches like the 6 and 6s models while the 7Plus is a 5.5 inch screen. The Space Grey color has been replaced by Black and Jet Black. The Gold, Rose Gold and Silver models are still available.

Home Button

The Home Button is very different on the new 7. It no longer clicks like previous versions. Force works when using the home button to unlock your phone. It’s a lot less prone to breaking or wearing out according to Apple. I still don’t like this feature much and prefer the clickable home button on the iPhone 6s. Apple also gives you three options to use when setting up the home button using this technology, one that I think could confuse many users.

Water Resistant

Taking a page from Samsungs book, the iPhone 7 is water resistant. Apple has never done this before and its a great move. How many of us buy a lifeproof or Otterbox case to protect our phone from water. The phone is not waterproof however and we encourage you to find out the difference before you take a plunge in the pool with it. A water resistant phone is not waterproof.

#iPhone7 Rumors and Release Dates

iPhone7Apple’s latest iPhone, the 7 should be released on September 7th.

Rumor has it that iPhone 7 will ditch the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, causing much outrage among current Apple users. You won’t then be able to use your current headphones on new Apple devices as you can now.

Every device since the Sony Walkman arrived in 1979 has had the jack on it. Apple once again goes against the grain and tries to show us that it still thinks differently. iPhone 7 is expected to come with updated EarPods that connect via Lighting — or, in a somewhat longer shot — Bluetooth.

If you are looking to upgrade to the 7 and are expecting major design changes you may be disappointed. The 7 is expected to have minor upgrades prompting one blogger to call it “iPhone 6SS,” In addition to the 7 and 7 Plus, a Pro Model may also be released.

Ditching the headphone jack would also leave room for a second speaker grille, which has appeared on other leaked photos. That would allow the iPhone 7 to be the first model with true stereo sound.

A redesigned home button  “Force Touch” home button. Instead of a physical mechanism, Apple will use its ‘Force Touch’ technology and a motor inside the iPhone to provide the sensation that the button is being physically depressed.

The camera should also get an upgrade with some sources saying that a dual lens might be possible. According to the rumors, the dual camera would likely be included on the 5.5-inch-screen iPhone 7 Plus and/or Pro, but probably not the standard 4.7-inch-screen iPhone 7.

iPhone SE drops confirming widespread rumors are true


These days whenever there is an Apple launch or any gadget launch for that matter we hear or read about it weeks in advance via the internet or social media. As past experience tells us this often means that a new product is coming and we had better be ready.

Apple seems to have done it to us again as it confirmed this week that the iPhone SE is a real product that we’ll be able to buy soon. I find it almost laughable this type of marketing still exists but it works well and it’s not likely to change as we line up or scramble to get new tech products when they come out.

There is some legitimate buzz around the new SE and the new iPad, the 9.7 Inch Pro.

iPhone SE 5sesmall

Tech specifications and components are the biggest point of interest when a new phone comes out and the SE does not disappoint. GSM Arena provides complete specifications on the phone itself. Here are some highlights.

The SE will be a Nano-SIM phone with the Apple A9 chipset and a Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister GPU. The internal hard drive will come in 16 and 64 GB sizes with 2 GB RAM. The main camera is a 12 Mega Pixel camera. Colors include Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

The expected release date for the SE is March 31, 2016.

It’s designed to target mid-range smartphone users much like the 5C did at one time. Unlike the 5C, its components are the same as the 6S however which seems surprising since Apple says the phone will cost only $400 US. We don’t as yet know what Canadian pricing will be but expect it to be over 500 dollars. It’s a curious move for Apple and one that many feel means the company won’t make a lot of money on this phone.

I like the idea of SE because I’ve never been a huge fan of the 6 and 6S screen size and am curious to see what the increased power in the components means. Currently a 5S owner, I’ll be in the market for the SE for sure despite the constant temptation of the 6 while working for a mobility provider.

iPad ProipadPro97small

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro was also released as well. According to some experts this iPad must save the iPad line and boost its struggling sales. Once the darling of Apple, the iPad outsold the iPhone early on but other company’s, including, Samsung and other Apple devices have caught it and hurt its market share. I’ve never bought the idea that tablets will outstrip PC sales as Apple’s Tim Cook once said but the iPad Pro is a formidable machine.

Nano-SIM capable as well, the iPad Pro boasts an Apple A9X chipset and a dual-core 2.16 GHz GPU. It does not have a memory card slot. It comes in 32, 128 and 256 GB sizes  and the camera is a 12 MP. Colors include Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

Read the complete specifications here.

HIT Technologies Announces Launch of HITCASE SNAP for iPhone


hitcasesnapHIT Technologies Inc. (TSXV:HIT) (“HIT” or the “Company”), designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the world’s most advanced adventure products for iPhone, including the shockproof, waterproof HITCASE® PRO with professional lens and mounting systems for iPhone. Today, HIT announced the launch of HITCASE SNAP, a slim profile HITCASE for the iPhone 6/6s and Plus models, with versatile mounting options and unmatched lens clarity, made for everyday adventures.

“We are excited to add HITCASE SNAP to our line of creative products,” said Brooks Bergreen, CEO of HIT Technologies. “Our goal is to get people ready for adventure and provide them with the tools to capture and share their experiences. We believe that life should be an adventure and with SNAP, we are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to capture and share their everyday experiences. HITCASE products are a force multiplier for the iPhone that unlock further camera potential.  Our customers love the HITCASE PRO but they asked us to make something they could use everyday, so we built the HITCASE SNAP.  Having already seen great response from our recent HITCASE PRO-6/6s launch, and recognizing that our customers need a slim case that isn’t waterproof for everyday use, we’re excited to extend this potential with HITCASE SNAP.”

Bergreen added: “By expanding our product suite, we will generate greater demand for our HITCASE products, as well as create the opportunity for cross-selling over time. With the iPhone 6s hitting a record 13 million units sold in its first weekend, we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the growing market opportunity.  We will continue to focus on offering our customers multiple ways to capture their adventures.”

The launch of HITCASE SNAP follows closely behind the Company’s launch of its much anticipated, HITCASE PRO-6, a waterproof, shockproof, and mountable case for the iPhone that takes users’ photos and videos to a creative new place.

HITCASE SNAP comes with the following accessories:

  • WIDE LENS: A TrueLUX ™ wide-angle photo and video lens with 104° field of view
  • SHOOTR POLE: A compact telescoping selfie pole that extends up to 18.5 inches
  • TILTR TRIPOD MOUNT: A mount that allows customers to easily mount a SNAP to any standard tripod
  • RAILSLIDE: A mount that allows customers to quickly mount a SNAP to any of HIT’s custom HITCASE mounts. It is also compatible with GoPro ®
  • LENS KEYCHAIN: a handy lens loop that provides quick access to lenses and doubles as a bottle opener for celebrating life’s adventures

To find out more on our HITCASE SNAP for iPhone, visit

iPhone Plus models will be available to order October 28, 2015.

About HIT Technologies Inc.

HIT develops and markets a portfolio of products for use on Apple iPhones across the globe. HIT believes that there is a significant opportunity in helping people get Ready for Adventure™ with the best camera they already have, their iPhone. HITCASE PRO allows people to create exciting photo and video content using patented Railslide™ mounts without the need for additional cameras, or gear that get in the way of the fun. With a combination of software, professional quality lenses, patented waterproofing and mounting technologies for every conceivable activity, The HITCASE PRO makes it fun and easy for users to capture and share a day at the beach, on the mountain, in the backyard, or anywhere else life takes you. For more information about HITCASE, visit Search #hitcase on Instagram to see some of the amazing images created by HITCASE customers.

SOURCE HIT Technologies Inc

Cell Clinic Vancouver lets you trade-in devices this Christmas


To help families this Christmas, Cell Clinic is accepting trade-ins on broken/used mobile devices for cash at cellclinicnearly twice the value offered by major cell phone providers, and an extra 20 per cent to trade for in-store credit.

Gifts or cash will help families buy presents this Christmas. We are also encouraging people to use this offer to buy gifts and give directly to a charity of their choice such as YWCA Metro Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Salvation Army, Covenant House, Senior Services Society, BC SPCA, Vancouver Humane Society, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and Kocihta (helping Indigenous youth reach their career potential).

“We want to help charities and families that are in need,” said Alex Dechant, owner of Cell Clinic Ltd. “Many people don’t realize that old cell phones and tablets can be turned into cash or repaired Vs. purchasing a new one. Repairing a new mobile device can save consumers hundreds of dollars, reduce technology’s carbon footprint, and cut the need to buy a phone prior to the end of a cellular contract, or a long-term contract with a mobile provider”, said Dechant.

About Cell Clinic:

Cell Clinic provides people and corporations with a quick, affordable, and quality repair option in the heart of downtown Vancouver (935 Seymour) that will improve the functionality and life of their current cell phone and tablet. The store also offers gift certificates, refurbished mobile devices, and a variety of mobile accessories such as protection options, cases, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, chargers, etc.

WWDC kicks off with some major announcements from Apple


wwdcApple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) kicked off today in San Francisco. Highlights include Apple’s Mac operating system getting a new design while new features in the software for iPhones and iPads include one for keeping tabs on your health.

Apple executive Craig Federighi pointed out that data from various fitness-related devices now live in silos, so you can’t get a comprehensive picture of your health. That will change, he says, with HealthKit coming to the new mobile software, iOS 8. Apple is also working with the Mayo Clinic to make sure your weight, calorie intake and other health metrics are within healthy ranges.

Apple is also making it easier for various devices to work together. You can share songs, movies and books you purchase with your entire family. Macs and mobile gadgets will share more features, and you can share and sync files between the two more easily.

Changes to the Mac operating system, OS X

  • The next Mac operating system will be named Yosemite, after the national park.
  • Yosemite will have a translucent design. The notification centre will use that design, for instance, to give you an advance look at your calendar, weather and other information.
  • You’ll be able to search for content on the computer and on the internet at once, similar to a feature that came with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 system.
  • Apple is expanding its iCloud storage service so that you can store and sync files of any type, not just the ones designed specifically for iCloud. It’s similar to how services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive let you work with the same files on multiple devices more easily.
  • A Mail Drop feature will make it easier to send large files. Instead of pushing the entire file by email and overloading mail servers, the Mac will create a link that the recipient can click for the full file.
  • The Mac’s Safari web browser will have more privacy controls and ways to share links more easily.
  • The free Mac update will be out this fall. A version is available for developers Monday. This summer, Apple will also make a test version available to selected customers who aren’t developers.

Changes for iPhones, iPads

  • Like the new Mac OS, the iOS 8 system will have a universal search tool to cover both files on your device and content on the internet. It will also get the iCloud Drive service.
  • A “quick type” feature promises predictive typing suggestions. For example, if you start typing, “Do you want to go to,” the phone will suggest “dinner” or “movie” as the next word. Currently, the suggestions are limited to spelling corrections.
  • A “do not disturb” feature will make it easier to stop notifications on a conversation with just a swipe, while a “tap to talk” feature records and sends audio messages to a recipient so you don’t have to type.
  • IOS 8 will have a built-in health-management tool to help people track their vital signs, diet and sleeping habits. Apple’s chief rival, Samsung Electronics Co., incorporated fitness-related features in its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.
  • Apple announced new technology for controlling garage doors, thermostats and other home systems, although the company didn’t say how all the pieces will be linked together through what it calls HomeKit.
  • The new software will likely come with new devices for the holiday season, with free updates available for recent models.
  • Apple will also let app developers sell bundles at discounted prices.
  • The fingerprint security system on the iPhone 5s will be accessible to apps written by outside parties. Previously, it was limited to Apple functions, such as unlocking the phone and verifying iTunes purchases.

Working together

  • Although the Mac and iOS systems are separate, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the two have been engineered to work seamlessly together.
  • Apple’s AirDrop feature, which has let you share files with other devices of the same type, will now let iPhones and Macs share directly with each other.
  • A new “handoff” feature will let you switch devices more easily, so you can start writing an email on a phone and finish on a Mac. And when a call comes in on your iPhone, you can get caller ID information on your Mac.
  • The iMessage chat service will now let you communicate with devices that aren’t running iOS, such as those running the rival Android system from Google.

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The Fastest Dual-Core Chip: A5

a5 Chip Courtesy of the Apple Insider

Vancouver Gadgets welcomes guest blogger Kate Wilsson who brings us the latest on the A5 Chip.

The fastest dual-core chip: A5

The iPad is all geared up to be powered with a new engine-the A5 chip. Apple has announced an all-new redesigned iPad which will be equipped with this dual core processor.

The A5 chip is a redefined version of the A4 chip that is currently the power force behind the iPad and iPhone4. The 10 hour battery life will be unchanged in a tablet that will now possess double the processing power of its previous version. It will also give almost twice the speed and performance of CPU’s found in earlier tablets.

There is more to the A5 chip than the dual core though. It has also enhanced graphic processing capabilities which will save time and still allow for great graphics with your new iPad. Consumers who fear that this might take a toll on battery life can be assured that Apple has not compromised an inch on battery life and will still offer the same 10-hour battery life to all those who use their products.

a5 Chip Courtesy of the Apple Insider
Apple’s A5 Chip

Performance differences are  evident when you are surfing the web, watching movies, or making video calls using FaceTime. Multitasking is easier; gaming is smoother and viewing animations is much clearer. Watching movies or videos will seem like a big screen experience. As the Apple officials put it, “Everything just works better.”

The dual core A5 chip is really an ace up Apple’s sleeve as it looks to take an even bigger bite out of the tablet market. This announcement is sure to cause heartburn in the tablet industry that can’t do anything but fear a drop in its market share when up against Apple.  This is not very good news to Motorola’s Xoom tablets that were the first dual core tablets to be released in the market earlier this year. Like Blackberry and Samsung, They may have to keep their fingers crossed so that they do not lose their loyal customers to the new iPad.

About the author: Kate Wilsson is a blogger by profession. Check out her blog She also loves writing on luxury and lifestyle and is fond of books. She recently bought a book on Industrial Design.

We would like to credit the Apple Insider for the use of the A5 Chip Photo.