Ballistic Every1 Series Case provides great protection my iPhone 4S

Ballistic Every1 Case
Ballistic Every1 Case

The Ballistic Every1 Series Case landed in my lap a few weeks back and it has been a treat to have ever since. This case is available for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S III. It combines rugged protection and design and is meant for those on the go who travel everywhere with their phone. This case meets U.S. military specifications and sure to save many an iPhone for our readers.

Ballistic Every1 Series Case Features

It is engineered with built-in Active Latches to guarantee the case doesn’t fall apart when dropped. You’ll notice in our video I dropped it from my kitchen table which is 2 feet off of the ground. My phone took the little kicking and kept on ticking.

The Every1 Case should withstand from drops or falls anywhere between five to 15 feet because of the Suspension Springs built into the case. These help further shield the device by providing a 1mm air gap around the smartphone itself. Reinforced Ballistic Corners also help reinforce the durability of the case.

The built-in port covers are another nice feature because they deliver supreme dirt-resistance, protecting all ports such as the headphone jack. I like the built-in screen protector on this phone but found the kickstand on the back of the case a bit cumbersome. It allows you to stand up your iPhone when in the Ballistic case. That is something I don’t do very often but you may appreciate this feature. The case is available in a variety colors including White, Pink, Red and Black. The Every1 Case also comes with a horizontal holster but I don’t holster my iPhone either.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case a great addition for your iPad

Belkin Ultimate iPad Case

Belkin Ultimate iPad CaseBelkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case makes my iPad 4 that much better by giving it keyboard capability and sturdy protection. Sent to us from our good friends at the IPR Group in Toronto, I have had it just over a month and am happy to say it’s one of the better products I have received in a while.

What’s so great about this case?

Released on March 27, 2013, this case uses a revolutionary aluminum alloy and magnet construction that is just 6.4mm thin and weighs 17 ounces. It folds flat to hide the keyboard when watching movies or reading. When not in use, the keyboard automatically shuts off, to offer instant access to the iPad’s onscreen keyboard and help save battery life.

Using Belkin’s award-winning TruType™ keys, the Ultimate Keyboard Case provides a smooth, laptop-like typing experience to minimize errors and maintain typing speed. It also offers a fully protective back cover to keep your iPad safe from scratches, scuffs and everyday wear and tear when the keyboard is attached.  It retails for $99.99 for the Black and $129.99 for the White case. I prefer the black case having received that one in the mail.

Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth® 2.0 functionality is obviously a big selling feature of this case. Personally I love the fact that this case works so seamlessly with Bluetooth. It will last for 160 hours battery life under constant use and has 6-month standby battery life. It’s rechargeable battery uses included Micro USB cable.

Snugg iPad 4 Case is great for the iPad user on the go


Courtesy of our friends at Snugg, the Snugg iPad 4 case came to us a few weeks back and it’s been a gem to use ever since. Retailing at 29.99 in Canada, this case offers a number of good features.

Product Specs

It’s officially known as the Snugg Black PU leather iPad 4 case and its made using PU leather. Snugg tells us that this leather is strong and tear-resistant. Good to know especially if you are carting your iPad everywhere. The inside is made from nubuck, another interesting material, that will protect your iPad 4 should you drop it or if it falls off of a table.

This case is not just strong its also versatile as it folds around the back of the tablet and acts as a stand. This makes things easier if you are doing Skype video calling, something I do a lot. The specially positioned cut-outs on the edges of the case provide easy access to all of the iPad 4’s sockets, switches and cameras. This is essential if you plan to use your iPad for lots of activities on the go like I do.

This case also switches your iPad 4 on and off, a real bonus when you are traveling and trying to conserve battery life. You can  put your iPad into Sleep mode by closing the the cover and wake it up by opening the cover.

Our Thoughts

The Good

This case is a sturdy case that has a nice snug fit. As mentioned above, we like the fact it can stand up and this was especially good for recipe reading while working in the kitchen. It’s also easy to wipe clean.

Areas of Improvement

We did find that the style of case needs work. Its not particularly pretty or fashionable but that is not a huge deal. It’s just something to keep in mind while you are shopping for a case or if you come across it while looking at the Snugg against other case. We realized that it would also be nice to have a screen protector. A quick search of the Snugg website and our question was answered as they do offer such a product. The information can be found here.

Concepts Touchscreen gloves are the answer this Christmas

Concepts Gloves

As the cold weather approaches you are likely thinking about Christmas and the long winter nights ahead. When you are not at home in front of the fire or the television you are likely out and about visiting family and friends. If you are using a smartphone at any point in the day while you are doing these things and the weather is cold you may find it difficult since gloves and touch screens aren’t exactly the best of friends.Concepts Gloves

Then along came Concepts and their great gloves and low and behold now you can do both.

Concepts shipped Vancouver Gadgets a pair of the acrylic and the wool gloves back in early October. The acrylic are used for milder weather and I used them in October on some trips to the gym where the temperature was between 5-8 celsius. Easy to text and setup music on my iPhone on my walk to the gym. No cold hands as well which was even better!

In the last week I’ve switched to using the wool which is for colder weather and are a bit beefier. This glove won’t do well for winter activities like snowboarding but you can use them for outdoor bike riding.

Scott Brooks, one of the people behind Concepts says the objective was pretty simple when designing this product.

“Our goal was to create a glove that is tightly fit. We want them to feel like you weren’t wearing gloves at all. We want you to be comfortable typing and holding your phone naturally. Using a smartphone feels goofy with regular gloves. These gloves allow you to do everything more comfortably” says Brooks.

Brooks notes that there is a caveat with these glove though. “It’s a trade off between how thick you go and how warm you want your hands to stay all the while still being able to handle a smartphone effectively which is where other touchscreen gloves fail and we learnt from. We found the right balance of warmth and accuracy.”

The company has faced some challenges though as the product was made in China and when the first batches were sold some came through with defects. “We’ve address those challenges though and have run the product through some pretty extensive tests. We aim to stay really strong on customer service side and will take back recently purchased gloves with defects no questions asked” says Brooks.

Brooks also notes that these gloves should be available on the west coast soon and that people should keep their eyes peeled for places in Vancouver that they will be popping up in over the next few months.