Enhance information security threat awareness with Fortinet Fabric-Ready

Fortinet has issued a press release with details about its Fabric-Ready Partner Program. For full details about this release please visit the Nasdaq website.

The Fabric-Ready Partner Program builds on Fortinet’s robust ecosystem of technology alliances by opening the functionality of the Fortinet Security Fabric to complementary solutions. Partners in this program validate technology integration with the Security Fabric, have committed to sharing roadmaps for consistent interoperability, and will benefit from joint go-to-market initiatives.


To date, Fortinet has brought together 34 Fabric-Ready Program Partners, representing a cross-section of leading information technology providers to deliver pre-integrated, end-to-end offerings ready for deployment, reducing the technical support burden and costs for enterprise customers.

Some of the API categories included in the Fortinet Fabric include:

  • Management
  • SIEM
  • SDN Orchestration
  • Endpoint and IoT
  • Virtualization
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cloud
  • Network and Security Operations

The primary focus of the program is for the “alliance partners to integrate via the Fabric APIs to actively collect and share threat and mitigation information to improve threat intelligence, enhance overall threat awareness and broaden threat response from end to end” according to the Fortinet program brochure.

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