Canadian Compass: Adventures in Every Direction a VR exhibit

With Canada 150 happening this weekend be sure to check out Canadian Compass: Adventures in Every Direction a VR exhibit that takes you on a cross-country adventure.

Located at Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby the exhibit was unveiled June 12 in conjunction with a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony held at Metrotown. It runs until Monday July 3, 2017.

Commissioned to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, I had chance to visit it on June 26 and thought it was great experience. I was particularly interested in the dog sledding and train ride through the Rockies. My interest in this exhibit stems from the fact that it was a VR experience.

The booth has stations with Samsung Galaxy S phones attached to an Oculus VR headset and headphones. With a series of 2-minute VR journey’s, it’s a bit cumbersome to wear both the headset and headphones but the 360 experience is awesome. I often forgot to look completely around me to get the 360 effect. There is definitely a feeling of really being immersed at Niagara Falls. B.C. gets a great mention here too with a viewing of a dolphin super pod.

My only wish would have been to a hockey VR experience or a Tragically Hip concert. This exhibit focuses on the natural beauty of Canada and I would never take anything away from that but this would be another way to make this a uniquely Canadian experience.

There is also plenty of opportunities to receive free Canada 150 giveaways and snap selfies with Canada’s iconic landscapes. Visitors can donate and print digital postcards on the spot at Metropolis’ photo booth, with all proceeds being donated to Burnaby Community Services ( In addition, all proceeds from the Metropolis Express train will be donated to Burnaby charities.

Time is running out to check this great exhibit so we recommend heading to Metrotown in Burnaby to do so. It’s a great way to get your Canada Day weekend started.

The videos are provided by the following organizations:
Niagara Falls Tourism –
Travel Alberta –
Destination British Columbia –
Aurora Borealis – Perspective Films –

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