Cut the cord part 4

I posted around Christmas 2016 that I was cutting the cord and getting ride of my cable with Telus. In January I ordered the Leelbox M9S Android TV Box from Amazon and could not be happier with it.

The device itself was an easy setup with the HDMI Cable and space left on my console from my Telus TV box to slot the Leelbox into. The remote they sent with the device was horrible so I downloaded apps for my iPhone to allow me to control the box via my iPhone. I do not recommend ever using this remote.

There has been a learning curve for sure but I love to learn especially new tech stuff and this has been a great experience. It has also been an adjustment since I now am not able to turn on my TV with ease and get the channels I want.

There are however benefits. I’m paying Telus 73$ plus tax for High Speed Internet 25 and that’s it. No extra charges for TV or channels I do not use. I’ve adapted to missing news and sports by using Twitter and Facebook. I listen to live sports such as hockey and football using the radio on the internet.

I am missing the opportunity to get live sports, which is the main reason why I watch TV. I did try the Sportsnet monthly subscription for January and February. You do get a 7 day trial for free. My main reason was to get Canuck games. I found it intermittent and it would often stall while I was streaming games. I suspect my internet speed may not be high enough but with the 24.99 monthly cost I did not think it was worth it.

During the Stanley Cup Playoffs I was able to get regular hockey programming using a number of apps for the Leelbox specifically Kodi. Kodi allows you to stream live TV and sports among other things. I used an app called ProSport for Kodi and was able to find good NHL streams for most of the games. I did have to search for a bit within the NHL category to get consistently good streams. My next project is to get good CFL streams for the CFL season.

I’ve also discovered a number of other good programs using the Video Add ons within Kodi. One is called Exodus which has good quality HD Movies. Often there will be rips of movies straight from the theatre but quality is poor. I wait until a title is released digitally or on Blu Ray and DVD and you’ll get near perfect copies on Exodus. I also rent as many Blu Ray titles as I can from my local library.

I’m also a Netflix subscriber and have been over the past 5 years. Netflix has always provide me with good movies and programs. I don’t VPN into the U.S. Netflix to get more movies and titles.

All in all cutting the cable cord has been a good move for me. While there have been some challenges getting the programs I want, I have been able to adapt and am glad to be saving money on cable TV programs.


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