Cutting the Cord Part 3 The HD Antenna

Last week I told you I cut my Optik TV with Telus and have begun exploring some cord cutting options. I have a Sportsnet and Netflix subscriptions to help compensate for not having a TV package.

I already have an Apple TV and a Roku 3 which I blogged about last year. This should help get me movie’s and TV that I am looking for. I’ve also researched some other options too via the web and will tell you about one of them the HD Antenna.

HD Antenna

The HD antenna is something I had not heard of. While you can’t stream with it, it does let you watch live TV. You hook the device into your TV, put it somewhere near a window and see what channels you can pick up.

It’s ideal for local news and sports. Your channel selection depends a lot on where you live, as well as your line of sight to the broadcast location. I checked both London Drugs and Best Buy online and London Drugs had one option for 79.99 the Terk Antenna. Best Buy had a large number of search results for HD Antennas as well.

Tom’s Guide also has a great article online for the best Best Indoor HDTV Antennas. As Tom’s Guide mentions a non-amplified antenna picks up signals across a range of about 20 miles and is good for you if you live in the city. The Mohu ReLeaf costs about $40.

Tom’s Guide also tell us how amplified antennas pick up signals over a range of about 50 miles, but also cost more. Their top pick here was the $40 Terk Trinity. Tom’s Guide is using U.S. prices which is why I have put links into London drugs and Best Buy to give you Canadian prices.


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