Cutting the Cord Part Two Looking at streaming boxes

Last week I did what I wanted to do and cut my Optik TV with TELUS. TELUS tried to offer a big discount to stay on with The Essentials package at 15 for 6 months versus 38.00$. I said no and eliminated 56.00 dollars from my monthly bill because I had two themes packs as well. One for Sports at 9.00 and another for Entertainment at 9.00.

I currently own an Apple TV and a Roku for streaming things such as Netflix and other content to my TV. Since I bought my HD TV before the SMART TV’s came out, I have had to use these to stream content that I want.

I’ve setup a Sportsnet Now account as I mentioned I’ll miss my live sports. It’s a 24.99 for all sports really except NFL games. The first 7 days are free. It offers me all local Canucks games which I want too. I’m planning to stream through my Apple devices including my computer and iPad. I also have Netflix as well to compensate at 9.00.

In my quest to cut my cable TV I’ve also been looking at the Android TV Box.

Amazon has a long list of streaming boxes including one called the Leelbox which is $56.99. This one does not come loaded with the Kodi needed to run a box. A quick Google search led me to the Kodi site where you can download the one you need. If you are not confident with downloading the Kodi, I suggest having the box come pre loaded as my friend did.

The Leelbox itself is a smart streaming media player with Android 5.1,  support for 4K Ultimate HD and video hardware decoding. The Leelbox also has the Google Play Store and other apps. The Roku has access to the Goolge Play Store which is why I hesitate purchase another box without investigating my Roku first. Stay tuned.

I also found the NinkBox TX8 on Amazon as well. This one is $118.99 and has Android 6.0 and a preloaded Kodi 16.1.  It has a metal shell with an external antenna as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This box has HDMI and AV out ports, Smart TV capabilities, and web browsing. It also allows for quick updating to ensure that bug fixes for Android and KODI can be downloaded.

That’s some good information that should get you started on the Android TV Box and other options for cutting the cord. I’ll still be researching other options for cutting cable TV so stay tuned.


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