Windows 8.1 won’t install updates #microsoft #sccm #security #deployment #patch

For those of you out there that are still struggling with Windows 8.1, I have some help for you today. For a few weeks I’ve been wondering why my 8.1 workstations only had about 13 Windows hot fixes installed. If I launched a command window and typed the “systeminfo” command it would say 13 hotfixes installed. Now it’s nearly 2017 so what’s the deal here you may ask. Well here’s the steps to resolve the missing hot fixes problem.

To cut to the chase, the missing fix is KB2919355.  Without this fix you will essentially be stuck and unable to move forward with your patching. But before you install this cumulative fix you must have the pre-requisite KB2919442 installed!

My sleuthing started courtesy of this report at CNET,

“Windows 8.1 users who have not yet installed the major update rolled out in April [2014] will not be able to install future patches and bug fixes for the OS.”

“That requirement was first revealed when Microsoft launched the so-dubbed Windows 8.1 Update in early April. But a Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed to CNET that the requirement is now in place starting with the June Patch Tuesday updates rolling out today.”

“The majority of Windows 8.1 customers have installed the Windows 8.1 update,” Microsoft spokeswoman Jill Lovato told CNET in an email on Monday. “For those who have not yet made the transition, those newer updates offered with this month’s Update Tuesday will be considered ‘not applicable.’ Customers’ infrastructure will continue to function; however, it should be noted that they can’t consume any further updates until they apply the Windows 8.1 Update.”

So after KB2919355 installed I hit the mother-lode and Windows detected 247 updates. I installed them and I’m relieved now that I figured this out. By the way if you’re using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) you’ll need to change some attributes for the KB2919355 update. The maximum run time should be changed from 10 to 60 minutes (the install consumes up to 3.5GB apparently) . Also change the priority from normal to critical (because without this update you can’t move forward).




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