Power up #backtoschool with power solutions from #Logiix

LogiixBack to school is a busy time and if you are on the go a lot you’ll invariably need to charge your smartphone. Logiix has a great selection of charging solutions including a couple we have been using for a while.

Piston Power Multi 3000

Retailing at 54.99, this portable pack has connectors for Apple (lightning) and Android (Micro USB). I use a Galaxy S7 and an iPhone so it works well for me. It’s a handy charger because it is so small and lightweight you hardly know you are carrying it.

It will charge your smartphone 1.5 times. I was able to coax a little more charge out of it because my iPhone was not at 0% when I decided to charge. I find these take about an hour or so to charge a phone so be aware that it is not an instant charge.

Piston Power Slim 360

A little bulkier than the Multi 3000, The Piston Power Slim 360 is another great charger from Logiix. It will cost you 49.99 to buy but will charge a phone 3 times vs 1.5. The Lightning and Micro USB chargers are not built in so you will have to carry one of those cable types with you when you need to charge. Not a huge deal.

The Slim 360 is the better of the two charges in my option. I felt more confident with it if i dropped it or had to lug it around. Perhaps it was the sturdy metal construction and the appearance it gives of looking like a small external drive.


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