Hardware issues plague more great offerings from Logiix

Piston-Connect-XL-Flat-Woven-2TWe received a bunch of samples from Logiix and have had no issues with them until recently.

One of their Sync and Charge Jolt cables broke as the Lightning connector piece completely snapped out of the front of the cable. While it surprised me I have had this happen before with another cable by Belkin.

Now to be sure cables like this take a lot of pounding and abuse and the Apple Lightning Connectors are less durable than these. It does make you wonder about the testing as well as the Apple certification that these products go through though and we suggest being cautious with these types of cables.

Logiix graciously replaced them with the Piston Connect Flat and the Piston Connect XL Flat Woven. They have proven to be much more durable and reliable as I have folded and stuffed them in a drawer, carted them around in a work bag and placed them in my car. In short, I’ve put them to the test.

The Logiix Piston Connect XL Flat Woven Cable is an ultra-durable 3M Lightning cable
while the Piston Connect Flat 1.5m Lightning Cable is an ultra flexible and durable sync and charge cable for Apple devices with Lightning Connectors. I loved the 3M cable because of it’s length and I was able to easily sit on my bed and charge my iPad while watching programs on Netflix. Normally I need an extension cord to do this.

Both cables are certified to meet Apple performance standards and I am little weary of this this time given my previous experience. I’m sure these cables will measure up.

The Piston Connect XL Flat Woven Cable retails for 46.01 in Canada and the Piston Connect Flat 1.5m retails for 40.26.

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