VIPole Secure Messenger for Teams and Enterprises Is Now Available on iOS

VIPole Secure Messenger with strong AES-256 encryption is now available for iOS users and there are plenty of reasons to try it before flinging into the New Year.  Alongside with the never-ending encryption debate that involves enterprises, governments and tech enthusiasts, there is a solution for secure communications developed with respect to customers’ privacy. VIPole messenger encrypts all types of transmitted and stored data and provides a unique set of features for extra protection of identity and sensitive data.

Today many messaging apps are pitching about user privacy and security priority but upon closer inspection, they are either tracking customer’s general whereabouts or storing deleted messages that can be retrieved anytime. VIPole demonstrates a fundamentally different approach to privacy, handing over the encryption keys ownership directly to its users. With end-to-end encrypted chats, calls and file transfer, VIPole is not just an IM app; it’s the ultimate privacy tool.screen322x572 (1)

The iOS release has topped up the list of available platforms and now in addition to Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android devices it supports iPhones. The safety of communications is essential to VIPole, thus  the app entails a number of special security settings for privacy management and history editing. Besides advanced security settings, the current iOS version has limited functionality that includes instant messaging, group chats, calls and a password manager. iOS users will soon be able to enjoy a full experience as VIPole features will increase with each update.

VIPole is equally advantageous for both personal and business use providing the extensive secure system that connects communications in one cross platform app. In addition to regular communication features and productivity tools, VIPole offers extensions for team management. VIPole group chats bring together an unlimited number of participants, encrypted data storage ensures safe document circulation and files exchanged among users are seamlessly synched across all devices.  With full-featured video and audio conferences, VIPole distinguishes itself from those corporate messengers that provide only IM and file exchange.

VIPole is a UK company that provides secure business communications for teams and enterprises. With enhanced security and extended functionality, VIPole unites teams and ensures privacy for those who don’t want their personal data to be in public ownership. For more information, please visit the website

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