The best #tech of 2015 #smartphones

2015 was an exciting year for smartphones and Vancouver Gadgets has lined up a showcase for the year’s best stories.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge arrived in Canada back in April but is still one of the hottest items on Christmas lists for 2015. Samsung’s flagship phone is compatible with Samsung Pay mobile payment service. Galaxy S6

Lenovo backed company ZUK launched Z1 smartphone loaded with the Cyanogen OS. This partnership is expected to do very well. Cyanogen is an open OS built on Android and includes enhanced security and improved battery life.

“ZUK and Cyanogen are partnering closely to bring the best customized Android experience to international users, and the ZUK Z1 international version will be the first device from ZUK to come preloaded with the commercial Cyanogen OS.”

The LG G Flex2 features a curved and more ergonomic design compared to traditional smartphones. This allows both the earpiece and microphone to be better positioned to the ear and mouth respectively.


LG G Flex2 smartphone

One of the most exciting developments is that of ARA which is a modular smartphone system being developed by Google.

“Just imagine the possibilities with 3D printers. In the future you could potentially download a blueprint for an ARA module and print it out on your 3D printer. This is being discussed on Reddit. However ARA is not quite there yet according to the ARA FAQ, they “did look at 3D printing module shells, and have been working on a production 3D printing system capable of putting out high-quality, consumer-grade materials.”



ARA smartphone

Audiophiles take note, the Marshall smartphone was made with you in mind.

“Marshall London packs a lot of heat under the hood; take for example the Wolfson WM8281 Audio Hub. This soundcard gives the London a separate processor for music, allowing it to play at a higher resolution. Higher resolution means that even the best quality MP3 will sound phenomenally better when played with London. Additionally it lets you play uncompressed music such as FLAC format.”

marshall london smartphone




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