The #BCTECH Summit features Ray Kurzweil as Guest Speaker

Technology is reshaping how we do business, transforming customer experiences and driving growth across all segments of our economy. The #BCTECH Summit is a two-day event that will showcase BC’s technology industry, build cross-sector opportunities for businesses and explore the latest ideas that will drive a competitive advantage for BC.

The Trade Show will showcase world-class BC technology, providing companies and researchers the opportunity to demonstrate their products and services to potential customers and build networks across sectors.

Meet tomorrow’s tech success stories at “Startup Alley”, where up-and-coming technology companies will demonstrate BC’s newest tech innovations.

Some of the guest speakers at this year’s conference include:

Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, Futurist and Director of Engineering at Google

“Kurzweil has authored seven books, five of which have been national bestsellers. The Age of Spiritual Machines has been translated into 9 languages and was the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in science. Kurzweil’s book The Singularity Is Near was a New York Times bestseller, and has been the #1 book on Amazon in both science and philosophy. Kurzweil speaks widely to audiences public and private and regularly delivers keynote speeches at industry conferences like DEMOSXSWand TED. He maintains the news website, which has over three million readers annually.” [Wikipedia]

Elyse Allan

President and CEO, GE Canada

“Elyse works to advance innovation and entrepreneurism through her role on the MaRS Discovery District Board of Directors and the leadership council for Scale Up Ventures. She has been recognized as a Top 100 Women of Influence by the Women’s Executive Network, is a YWCA 2012 Woman of Distinction (Business), and by Maclean’s and Canadian Business Magazines as one of Canada’s most influential business leaders.” [GE Canada]

Eric Ries

Author, The Lean Startup

“He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has consulted to new and established companies as well as venture capital firms. In 2010, he was named entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School and is currently an IDEO Fellow. Previously he co-founded and served as CTO of IMVU, his third startup. In 2007, BusinessWeek named him one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech.” [The Lean Startup]

The #BCTECH Summit 2016 will be hosted in the Vancouver Convention Centre. You can register for the event here.


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