HIT Technologies Announces Launch of HITCASE SNAP for iPhone

hitcasesnapHIT Technologies Inc. (TSXV:HIT) (“HIT” or the “Company”), designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the world’s most advanced adventure products for iPhone, including the shockproof, waterproof HITCASE® PRO with professional lens and mounting systems for iPhone. Today, HIT announced the launch of HITCASE SNAP, a slim profile HITCASE for the iPhone 6/6s and Plus models, with versatile mounting options and unmatched lens clarity, made for everyday adventures.

“We are excited to add HITCASE SNAP to our line of creative products,” said Brooks Bergreen, CEO of HIT Technologies. “Our goal is to get people ready for adventure and provide them with the tools to capture and share their experiences. We believe that life should be an adventure and with SNAP, we are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to capture and share their everyday experiences. HITCASE products are a force multiplier for the iPhone that unlock further camera potential.  Our customers love the HITCASE PRO but they asked us to make something they could use everyday, so we built the HITCASE SNAP.  Having already seen great response from our recent HITCASE PRO-6/6s launch, and recognizing that our customers need a slim case that isn’t waterproof for everyday use, we’re excited to extend this potential with HITCASE SNAP.”

Bergreen added: “By expanding our product suite, we will generate greater demand for our HITCASE products, as well as create the opportunity for cross-selling over time. With the iPhone 6s hitting a record 13 million units sold in its first weekend, we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the growing market opportunity.  We will continue to focus on offering our customers multiple ways to capture their adventures.”

The launch of HITCASE SNAP follows closely behind the Company’s launch of its much anticipated, HITCASE PRO-6, a waterproof, shockproof, and mountable case for the iPhone that takes users’ photos and videos to a creative new place.

HITCASE SNAP comes with the following accessories:

  • WIDE LENS: A TrueLUX ™ wide-angle photo and video lens with 104° field of view
  • SHOOTR POLE: A compact telescoping selfie pole that extends up to 18.5 inches
  • TILTR TRIPOD MOUNT: A mount that allows customers to easily mount a SNAP to any standard tripod
  • RAILSLIDE: A mount that allows customers to quickly mount a SNAP to any of HIT’s custom HITCASE mounts. It is also compatible with GoPro ®
  • LENS KEYCHAIN: a handy lens loop that provides quick access to lenses and doubles as a bottle opener for celebrating life’s adventures

To find out more on our HITCASE SNAP for iPhone, visit www.hitcase.com/snap

iPhone Plus models will be available to order October 28, 2015.

About HIT Technologies Inc.

HIT develops and markets a portfolio of products for use on Apple iPhones across the globe. HIT believes that there is a significant opportunity in helping people get Ready for Adventure™ with the best camera they already have, their iPhone. HITCASE PRO allows people to create exciting photo and video content using patented Railslide™ mounts without the need for additional cameras, or gear that get in the way of the fun. With a combination of software, professional quality lenses, patented waterproofing and mounting technologies for every conceivable activity, The HITCASE PRO makes it fun and easy for users to capture and share a day at the beach, on the mountain, in the backyard, or anywhere else life takes you. For more information about HITCASE, visit www.hitcase.com. Search #hitcase on Instagram to see some of the amazing images created by HITCASE customers.

SOURCE HIT Technologies Inc

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