G-ZED Mobile Launches Kristall® Liquid Screen Protector in Canada

Kristall, the world’s hardest nanoglass screen protector for smartphones and tablets, is now available in Canada from G-ZED Mobile. This discovery Kristall Blueproduct was recognized with a Most Innovative Accessory award at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Kristall is the world’s hardest nanoglass screen protector for smartphones and tablets.

“Kristall represents a new category of screen protection,” said Lee Goren of G-ZED Mobile. “The unique liquid solution takes the guesswork out of protecting your device, no matter which model of smartphone or tablet you own. It’s unlike anything else on the market today.”

Most screen protectors will only fit one specific device, and are difficult to apply without air bubbles, trapped dust or wrinkles. But Kristall’s liquid nanoglass technology offers an invisible, universal fit for all smartphones and tablets and is fast and easy to apply – with no bubbles, dust or wrinkles.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Features

  • Universal fit for all glass-screen smartphones, tablets and smart watches
  • 9H surface hardness (equivalent to sapphire)
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Invisible protection
  • Bubble-free, wrinkle-free
  • Scratch, smudge and fingerprint resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Ultra-smooth, high-gloss finish
  • Lasts one year with a single application


Kristall Liquid Screen Protector is available now at select Canadian retailers including PureMobile.ca, Lockercase.com, Amazon.ca and NewEgg.ca, plus at Destination Mobile and Cellcom locations in Quebec for an MSRP of $29.99 (smartphone size) and $34.99 (tablet size).

About G-ZED Mobile

G-ZED Mobile is a Canadian importer and distributor of branded, private label and promotional mobile products and accessories. Founded with the express goal of filling an underserved gap in the marketplace, G-ZED Mobile’s custom solutions and exceptional service help companies succeed in today’s hyper competitive market.

One thought on “G-ZED Mobile Launches Kristall® Liquid Screen Protector in Canada

  1. The same screen protection technology was available from a year ago or so at Staples. The name is Liquid Armor, the cost is $10 (doesn’t matter cellphone or tablet). And they will install it for you with total cost of $30 (Liquid+Install).
    I have in my cell for the past 3 months and love it.


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