Outlook shared calendar greyed out #microsoft #email

Recently I have found an issue with Microsoft Outlook whereby the option to share a calendar is greyed (grayed) out. The answers I found on Microsoft forums weren’t very helpful so I’ve developed this article in order to help others experiencing the issue.share calendar

There are two steps to potentially resolving the issue depending on how badly things have been corrupted.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to try is deleting you email profiles in Windows Control Panel. Then restart Outlook and add your profiles once again. Doing this should resolve the problem if the option “share calendar” is greyed (grayed) out or unavailable.email windows control panel
  2. If after you’ve completed the above step and still experience issues you probably have a corrupted “auto-complete list” [note some people refer to this as auto complete cache]. To resolve this you’ll need to empty the auto-complete list to continue.
    – Open Outlook if it’s not already.
    – Select File > Options
    – Select Mail and scroll down
    – Click the button to “Empty Auto-Complete List”


Once you’ve got this sorted out you can share a calendar in Outlook by doing the following:

  • Select Calendars icon.
  • Right-click the calendar you want to share.
  • Select Share > Share Calendar.
  • In the pop-up dialog select details you wish to share: availability only, limited details or full details.
  • In the “To…” field select the recipient you want to receive the request.
  • Also note that you have an option to “Request permission to view recipient’s calendar”.

outlook share calendar details

Please let me know how you do with this and if there’s any other workarounds I’d appreciate if you’d post them below.


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