Traction Conference [#TractionConf] in Vancouver on June 17 and 18

The Traction Conference will be kicking off in Vancouver on June 17 and 18. The event is sold out and for the lucky ones whom got tickets an opportunity to hear from over 40 company founders with respect to company growth strategies.

Some of the growth experts at the event include Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite, Lynda Weinman from and Markus Frind from PlentyOfFish. To see the full speaker list click here.

The schedule is packed with some intriguing topics:

  • The Mobile Growth Ninjutsu speaks to the issue where “60-80% of users who download your app don’t open it a second time.”
  • Growth Hacking – Myth or Reality is a session that explains that growth hacking is “about continuously trying to find scalable and repeatable ways to grow using the power of people, data, technology, marketing and creativity.”
  • Persuasion Tactics and Behavioral Economics focuses on the fact that “products are designed by people for people.”

The conference has some big companies and organizations behind it including BDC Capital, DMZ at Ryerson University, CBC and CKNW. A full list is available here.

This event is gearing up to be one of the hottest technology conferences Vancouver has hosted in 2015. I for one am really looking forward to this.




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