SID Display Week 2015

Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2015 will be held at the San José Convention Center from May 31-June 5, 2015. The Display Week technical program starts with Short Courses on Sunday, May 31, continuing with technology Seminars on Monday.

Vancouver Gadgets attended the 2013 Display Week in Vancouver.

Tuesday morning starts with the keynote speakers, followed by the Symposium Tuesday through Friday. This year’s Symposium consists of technical tracks with over 70 technical sessions comprising nearly 400 oral and poster presentations.

For management and business people, the Business Conference takes place on Monday, followed by the Investors Conference on Tuesday, the Market Focus on Touch Wednesday, and the Market Focus Conference on Wearable-Flexible on Thursday.  Other events include the Monday evening International Awards Dinner, and the Display Week 2015 Best in Show and Display Industry Awards Lunch on Wednesday. Almost these business-track and awards events have receptions with ample opportunities for discussions of business and technology, while the Special Networking Event on Wednesday evening will offer further such opportunities. Meanwhile, you can see all the technology in action during the Tuesday-Thursday exhibition, featuring pre-commercialization prototypes in the I-Zone on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Display Week 2015 covers the hottest technologies in the display marketplace, including:

• OLED displays
• Advanced LCDs
• HD and 4K TV technologies
• Digital signage
• e-Paper
• Flexible displays
• Solid-state lighting
•Touch and other interactive interfaces
• Display electronics
• Advanced optical films
• Oxide TFTs
• Materials and processes for display manufacturing
• Plasma displays
• Projection displays
• Display metrology
• Wearables-flexible

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