Recon’s Jet hits the road

jetOn April 16 local tech company Recon Instruments announced that its Jet was shipping. As someone who has followed this company for a while, I was happy to hear that the Jet is now available.

The wearable tech field has become a hot one over the last few years with company’s such as Apple, Samsung, Google all jumping on board. Apple’s Apple Watch has garnered the most attention of late.

Recon Instruments has been involved in the wearable tech field for a while with the Snow and Engage products and Jet allows them to take that next step and offer something truly unique with this Heads up Display (HUD) technology.

Available in Canada for 879$, Jet interests me as a tech reviewer and blogger and as an avid cyclist. Having met with CEO Dan Eisenhart last summer at GROW in Whistler, I had a chance to use the Jet and was impressed by what it has to offer.

Jet features a dual-core CPU, high-contrast display and point-of- view camera. It connects seamlessly to leading smartphones and wearable sensors, with a screen that sits just below the user’s right eye.

Jet is lightweight, provides outstanding comfort, and is resistant to both water and dust. Jet’s design is modular, as well; exchangeable lenses make it ideal in any lighting condition, while the battery can be easily swapped on the go for all-day performance.

Recon Jet’s comprehensive suite of on-board sensors, including GPS, delivers a full portfolio of performance metrics like speed, pace, distance, duration, vertical elevation gain, and more, while extra data points can be added by connecting wireless third-party devices (via ANT+TM). This allows users to use heart-rate and cadence metrics in real time.

During an activity, Jet allows the user to stay connected effortlessly to friends and family, displaying caller ID and text messages from a paired smartphone. Jet’s built-in point-of-view camera is instantly accessible to shoot short-form HD video and still images.

About Recon Instruments

Founded in 2008, Recon Instruments is a world leader in smart eyewear and smart goggle technology for sports and high-intensity environments. Recon’s award-winning multi-patent and patent-pending technology integrates high-contrast displays with state-of-the-art computing platforms and sensor suites. Recon’s smart eyewear and smart goggles run an Android-based operating system with an open SDK to allow developers to create apps for an endless variety of sports and activities. With worldwide distribution and partnerships with leading technology and optics companies, Recon continues to define and evolve the smart eyewear category. For more information, visit

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