Guusto makes gift giving social and easy to do

Being social has been a big thing for a while now so when I read about Guusto I wasn’t really surprised that you could send gifts this way.

It’s easy to download for iOS and Android and works like this. You choose the gift and its value and then send it via email or text message. You don’t need the app to receive the gift but simply open the link and choose any partner venue to redeem it.

We asked Joe Facciolo the Co-Founder of Guusto why the app is a good choice for people. “Guusto is for busy people who need to strengthen relationships…Unlike plastic gift cards, Guusto Gifts are instant, thoughtful products (like a beer, dinner or dessert) that can be redeemed at ANY partner restaurant across Canada (~1000 locations in 250 cities), using any smartphone. Physical gifts, while thoughtful, are time-consuming and difficult to choose. Gift cards, while more convenient, can often come off as impersonal and are rarely in hand when the gift recipient actually needs it.”

Giving back is also a focus for Guusto as everytime Guusto is downloaded or a gift is sent, one day of clean drinking water is donated to someone in need through the One Drop Foundation.iphone

“My co-founder, Skai Dalziel, and I had the opportunity to travel a great deal back in our twenties says Facciolo. While it was an exciting time of life, it exposed us to a great deal of human suffering. We returned to Canada with a heightened social conscience and a wish to build a purpose driven company. There are about 800 million people world-wide that do not have ready access to clean water. We were introduced to the One Drop Foundation through a colleague of ours, and our values were clearly aligned. It was at this point we made the decision to support them.”

User adoption has become more of a focus for the company now that they have seen increased interest from retailers such big brands like The Keg, Cactus Club, Milestones and small local venues coming on board as well.

“In a few short months we have seen amazing uptake, almost entirely by word of mouth. That’s great for us says Facciolo.”

So the next time you are stuck for ideas for a gift for someone, consider downloading Guusto and save yourself both the time and money in selecting a special gift for someone.


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