Casio releases Chordana Composer iPhone app

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced on January 30 the release of Chordana Composer, an iPhone app that automatically composes a musical piece based on a two-bar melody created by the user. The app is available at the Apple App Store from January 30.

Chordana Composer is an app that allows anyone to easily create their very own original music – even if they do not know how to compose music or play an instrument. The user simply records himself or herself singing or whistling a tune for two musical bars, and the app automatically composes an entire piece of music based on that melody. The finished music not only can be played back for the user’s enjoyment, but it can also be emailed as an audio file to friends. Music can be composed even without the ability to write music or play an instrumentchordanacomposerfull

To use Chordana Composer, the user simply thinks of a two-bar melody and records it on his or her iPhone, either by singing or whistling the motif. Then the user selects from the app’s five different music genres and three types of melodic settings, and finally presses the Auto Compose button to create an original piece of music complete with an intro and ending.

Users can also input the motif by playing the app’s keyboard interface or by entering notes in a score on the notation input interface. Moreover, melodies in the finished piece of music can be edited in the score.

Chordana Composer can be connected to MIDI-compatible electronic musical instruments. If it is connected to one of Casio’s electronic keyboards with light-up keys, the melodies in the pieces created by Chordana Composer will light up with the music.

To celebrate the new release of Chordana Composer, Casio is offering the app at a 40% discount from the regular sales price for a limited time, from January 30 to February 5.

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