Should I stick with iTunes Match or go with Spotify?

I’ve renewed iTunes Match for another year but I’m starting to feel some buyers remorse. At close to $30 the service seems to lack what other services like Spotify are now offering for free. Hmm iTunes Match vs. Spotify. This is one of those questions I’ll be pondering for some time. Perhaps you’re in the same boat?

Every night at dinner I launch Spotify and find not only great mixes but entire albums that I can play for free mind you with the odd commercial every three songs or so. The commercials don’t bother me much and last only a brief time. They’re nothing like the commercials played on conventional radio that last for several minutes. At least not yet anyways. I’m sure over time Spotify will add longer and more annoying commercials in an effort to get more subscription dollars.

So if I’m launching Spotify everyday what about iTunes Match? You see the point is that I’m not really launching iTunes much at all these days. Spotify has all the songs in my iTunes library plus a whole lot more. I’m thinking that if I pay $9.99 per month for Spotify its not a whole lot more than iTunes Match. Consider that iTunes Match is $30 and albums are on average $10. If I buy only 9 albums each year I’m already at the same rate as Spotify.

The only downside to Spotify is that I can’t burn any of this music onto disk as it’s only a subscription and streaming service. This is a minor issue for me considering that I burn about 4 discs a year which I’ll play only in my car on occasion.

Hmm … go with the status quo or change things up… Let me know if you have any insights!


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