Mad Genius Radio Review

With a number of music streaming services out there and Apple’s iTunes still one of the dominant players in the market, Mad Genius Radio has its work cut out for it. That being said it’s a hit that definitely delivers.

It’s now available in the United States and Canada for free to all Mad Genius Radiousers on iOS, Android and desktop during an extended trial-period. It will then cost you 5 dollars a month or 48 dollars for a year, not a bad price for someone looking for a personalized music service.

We spoke with Eric Neumann, Founder, prior to Mad Genius Radio’s launch on October 28th, 2014. “We know that people like to create their own playlists and do deep dive research when it comes to the music they listen to. We’re allowing people to create a personalized radio space that they can customize to their heart’s content and enjoy the eclectic nature of playlists.”


Mad Genius Radio offers a slick interface that’s easy to use and navigate. I used it both on the iPhone and iPad Mini. Eric Neumann recommended the iPad Mini for most user experience and I would agree. The larger screen of a tablet makes the user interface feel less squished.

Where Mad Genius Radio will hit the mark is with true personalization Users can adjust how much of a genre they want to hear by adjusting its slider from 0-10. Additionally, users can adjust the rotation of songs and artists with 0-5 ratings. Ratings can be made as songs play, something I did regularly with Mad Genius Radio, running on the History page, or on artist pages. I loved being able to rate songs on the go.

Rated music is filtered into the mix with its own unique slider, which allows the user to control whether and how much their requests play. These features enable hyper-personal customization that cannot be achieved by the thumbs up, thumbs down approach to music ratings.

Time Machine feature: Listeners can pick a genre and travel back to a specific time period to experience radio as it was back in the day. For example, users can select the Adult Alternative genre and summer of 1993 to mix the elements of nostalgia with the surprise of more familiar but less-often played tracks, plus the discovery of songs they may have missed.

To download Mad Genius Radio, visit the App Store, Google Play or


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