Cab Share Canada allows you to save money and the environment

App developers Cab Share Canada have developed a new app called Taxi Sharing 2.0. It’s available now in Vancouver.

What does it do?

Taxi Sharing 2.0 allows you to search for people in your area who are going to similar destinations. Once everyone ‘commits to ride’ a chat appears for the passengers to discuss payment, pick-up times and drop-off points. Then you simply ‘call a cab’, which will appear as a button on your screen. It’s fast, it’s easy and saves you money – at least that’s what they say.

Who are they?

Taxi Sharing 2.0 was developed by a group of students from Simon Frasier University using a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter allows people to publish project ideas to online communities including friends, fans and other people who may want to help developers fund their projects. It’s a great idea and has been successful in this case because it helped Cab Share Canada create this useful and environmentally friendly app.

Being environmentally friendly was a real motivator for Cab Share Canada, and getting people to share taxis is a good way to start. They will also give 10% of their start-up profits to the World Wildlife Fund.

Not the first

Vancouver is not the first place to see this kind of cab-share app. London has seen a few over the past year. Apps like Uber, Hailo and Maaxi have been released and are becoming increasing popular on Apple’s app store. Cab drivers are protesting these apps, saying that taxi-sharing apps hurt their earning potential. Other taxi drivers have been more welcoming to the idea and some Black Cab drivers have even gone as far as offering free rides to work to help publicize the app.

Uber allows regular drivers to act as a taxi service cutting out the need for a cab. It has been on local news recently and is still struggling in BC because of because of legal loopholes. Cab Share Canada could be a great alternative to Uber as it seems to work with taxi cab owners not against them. It will be interesting to see how successful this app becomes and how it will affect cab owners in Vancouver.

Taxi Sharing 2.0 is available on Apple’s App store and a version for Android phones will be available soon.



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