Slingbox M1 review

Let me tell you a story about my experience with the Slingbox M1.

The M1 was delivered a few weeks back and at first I thought, “why would I need this? Why do I need to stream TV when I can stream so many other content sources over the Internet?”

I connected and configured the unit and tried it out for a while. Kinda neat I guess.  I could stream live TV to my laptop and computers throughout my house. I could stream to my smartphone and tablet. Then I forgot about it for a week.

Then came Thanksgiving Day (yes, for all our American readers, the Canadian Thanksgiving was on October 13th) and that was when I really was able to test drive the M1. I wasn’t home that day as I went to my mother-in-laws house for dinner. The kids were planted firmly in front of the TV watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the ladies were in the kitchen preparing the Thanksgiving feast. I was bored.

This is when I pulled out my smartphone and connected to my home TV and started streaming the Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks football game. Okay now I was starting to see the value in the Slingbox.

stream live tv

As I sat back and enjoyed the game I started playing with the interface a little more and realized I could create favorite stations which made it a little easier to navigate. I showed the game to my sister-in-law and she asked, “is that really on your TV at home?” I showed her that I could navigate to the Shaw Cable TV guide and she was floored.

Since that day I’ve used the M1 numerous times including while ironing I’ve streamed the Vancouver Canucks game vs Edmonton Oilers on October 17th through my iMac and was amazed with the HD quality and sound. I’ve also streamed content for my daughter via the PVR and she was amazed that we could do such a thing.

All in all I’m finding more value in my M1 everyday. It was a worthwhile purchase and I’ll be enjoying it for months to come.




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