D&B chooses Vancouver to launch global Cloud Innovation Center

This spring, Vancouver cloud-based analytics and business intelligence startup, Indicee made headlines after being acquired by internationally renowned commercial data, analytics and business insights provider, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). What’s drawing attention to this acquisition now is the team unveiling the new D&B Cloud Innovation Center and announcing plans to create 100 new local jobs in the next two years.

The launch of D&B Cloud Innovation Center marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Indicee team as they bring their expertise in cloud computing and business intelligence to D&B’s global customer base and work to set up the D&B Cloud ID&Bnnovation Center’s presence in the Vancouver tech scene.

The D&B Cloud Innovation Center team continues to be led by Business Intelligence (BI) industry veteran and Indicee Founder, Mark Cunningham who is steering the team’s focus on building the next generation of D&B products by mobilizing the world’s largest B2B database through cloud technology. By doing so, the D&B Cloud Innovation Center is tackling a truly global Big Data problem that is set to peek the interests of the city’s data and BI talent.

The D&B Cloud Innovation Center is looking to recruit the top talent in this field with the aim of adding 100 new positions to the team over the next two years. Their enticing proposition for job seekers is the opportunity to work with leading BI technology, with the added benefit of working within a startup culture that has the financial support of a global organization.

Cunningham believes the team’s recruitment goal is especially possible in Vancouver, given the city’s growing tech industry, “We are seeing top data and BI talent explore Vancouver as a place to innovate, and advance their skills.” Elaborating, “With global companies investing in the growth of Vancouver’s tech scene, this is only the beginning of a major surge of talent within the local industry.”


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