What’s the deal with Club Penguin?

So my son and daughter both have memberships to Club Penguin, at quite a steep cost mind you, and I’m starting to feel a little taken by the policies of this children’s social network. My daughter’s account cost $20 for a three month membership and my son’s cost $40 for a six month membership. Now why you would need to continuously pay for a social network is beyond me but it seems to be the rage amongst the elementary school set.

In comparison to other popular games out there, specifically for consoles, you buy the game once and you own it; rarely are there additional fees. For other popular online games like Minecraft the one-time fee is currently $27. For others like League of Legends it appears there are ongoing charges associated with participating in the games and social aspects of the platform ranging $10 to $25 to $50 for prepaid cards.

Now the thing the really got me this morning was my daughter telling me that she STILL cannot access some features of Club Penguin! I practically jumped out of my shorts! “What do you mean you can’t access features? We just paid 20 bucks!” Well my son proceeded to explain to me that “coins” are required to buy objects in Club Penguin. When I asked about acquiring coins he said you need to play mini-games to acquire coins.

The problem I found however was that coins are few and far between and take a considerable amount of time to acquire. Plus some objects in the game cost upwards of 5000 coins! So in other words my daughter will have to continue playing for a large amount of time to acquire one object. This sounds like ransom to me. If we pay to play we should be able to unlock all the features of the software. Come on Disney lighten up. This is a little ridiculous don’t you think?



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