New meditation app promises a more focused mind

I hate to start a review off on a negative note but unfortunately I was unable to review this app because I have an iPhone 4s. Fortunately my contract is finally coming to an end this October just in time for the new iPhone 6. That being said I’ve downloaded the app to my old iPhone and will be transferring to my new one when it arrives.

I must say I really was looking forward to some music to get me focused and so with that in mind went on the hunt for some alpha wave infused sounds to get me in the mood for some computer programming. I quickly found that YouTube was an excellent source and have listed a few links here for those with incompatible devices.

YellowBrickCinema – Alpha Waves for Focus

MeditationRelaxClub – Music for Concentration


zen180 appZen180 launched today the free Zen180 App to get focused, creative, and help with the everyday stresses of living.  Available immediately through the iTunes store at:, the Zen180 app provides background audio that you can listen to while meditating, reading, studying, doing homework, or trying to relax.  The Zen180 app features 5 cognitive enhancing audio programs:  FOCUSED, CREATIVE, AWAKENED, RELAXED and ROMANTIC Mind.  The main FOCUSED audio track is free, with the other 4 tracks priced at $.99 each or $1.99 for all 4.  With Zen180, you can dramatically increase your mental and learning abilities, creativity, happiness, focus and concentration.  The app accomplishes this with its exclusive 3D binaural beats to mimic the desired state of mind to help you meditate on a deeper level with brain enhancement audio technology to augment the 5 natural brain wave patterns: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma.

Experience the Benefits of Deep Meditation in Minutes

The Zen180 audio app allows you to experience all the benefits of deep meditation in a matter of minutes.  Just select the track for the specific state of mind you are trying to achieve (focused, creative, awakened, relaxed or romantic) and the time period (from 5 minutes to 30 minutes), put on your headphones and tap “start session” (Zen180 recommends you always use stereo headphones, since the app will not work properly with regular speakers).  The idea is to listen to the audio track with headphones while you are trying to focus on a task or simply to meditate.  You will notice how much better you can focus on your work or meditation while using the app.

Helps with Writer’s Block

Zen180’s CREATIVE Mind track can help creative people, such as writers and musicians, overcome the dreaded “writer’s block” or other creativity hang-ups and free the mind for new ideas and directions.  The AWAKENED Mind track helps students, frequent travelers, workaholics, and party animals pep up after a red-eye flight or late night out so they are ready to work the next day.  The ROMANTIC Mind track will bring you closer to loved ones and the RELAXED Mind track helps you completely relax and let go of problems when over-stressed.  “Scientists study meditation and doctors recommend it to help reduce stress.  Millions of Americans practice it every day. Why?  Because meditation works.  Zen180 unleashes your mind’s potential,” said Noah Rasheta, President, Zen180.

Zen180 App Features:

  • 5 cognitive enhancing audio programs:
    • FOCUSED Mind:  for reading, studying or writing.
    • CREATIVE Mind:  for brainstorming, creating new music, art, or writing.
    • AWAKENED Mind:  for a boost of energy or to wake up.
    • RELAXED Mind:  to calm down and relax.
    • ROMANTIC Mind:  to soften your heart and re-connect with your spouse or loved ones.
  • Audio programs includes:  5, 15, and 30 minute track choices.
  • Features exclusive 3D binaural beats to mimic the desired state of mind, which help you meditate on a deeper level.
  • Brain enhancement audio technology augments the 5 natural brain wave patterns:  Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma.

Availability & Pricing

The Zen180 app with FOCUSED Mind audio program is free through the iTunes store at:  You can unlock the other 4 Zen180 audio programs:  CREATIVE Mind, AWAKENED Mind, RELAXED Mind, and ROMANTIC Mind with an in-app purchase of $0.99/each or all 4 for $1.99.  For more information, see or contact, Facebook:


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