GROW Conference brings innovation in technology and entrepreneurship to Whistler

GROWIt’s well-known by now that BC is a tech hot bed and with its proximity to the West Coast of the US, things are only going to get better for Vancouverites and those involved in the tech scene elsewhere in the province.

Thus it’s no surprise that GROW, the conference that helps entrepreneurs build the next billion dollar company, started yesterday in Whistler and goes until Friday the 22nd.

Now in its fifth year GROW has shifted from Vancouver with the goal of making Whistler the most connected resort community in the world.

Yahoo, Misfit Wearables, Under Armour, Google Glass as well as Vancouver company’s such as Mojio and Recon Instruments will all be in attendance showcasing products and meeting with like-minded tech entrepreneurs.

Wearable tech and the Internet of Things are also forefront at GROW and should make for an interesting couple of days. With the Internet of Things, the goal is to make your home, your car, your appliances and possessions, and all the shops, restaurants, workplaces and schools you frequent digitally connected and more importantly digitally connected to you.

We’ll be meeting with some of Vancouver’s up and coming tech company’s and startups. Stay tuned for live coverage on our blog from the conference and on our Twitter Feed.

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