Hitting the road with Geek Squad

With the Internet of Things and smart technology everything is becoming hyper connected these days. Cars aren’t any different. Yesterday I took a ride in a Geek Squad car with Geek Squad Agent Dameyn Parr and Elliott Chun, Communications Manager for Future Shop. We rode around in Volkswagen Beetle that had gadgets and gear from Future Shop installed in it. I was very impressed.GScar

My favourite piece of tech was the front and rear smart camera’s from THINKWARE. I’ve listed product specifications below. Both the ability to record in HD and capture video while you are on the move is awesome. Car accidents will always happen but the ability to record them as they happen should clear up who might be at fault.

Infinity audio products provide the crystal clear sound in the Beetle. You can stream music from your phone right to the stereo. It also has a little microphone installed when you connect your phone via Bluetooth and run it via speakerphone so you can be heard clearly. With all this tech installed, Dameyn Parr hopes the Beetle will be one of the stars of the Great Canadian VG Show happening this weekend. Check out the event website here. http://www.gcvws.com/

“This car has all the tech you will ever need. We want people to realize that car audio installs have evolved to the point where it’s a real art to integrate systems into a car while minimizing the potential harm we may cause the interior says Parr.”

Geek Squad customers should also expect both a professional installation and a total commitment to quality and service. “We’re focused on security, sound and the visual appeal of what we are doing. Gone are the days of pricey installs and cheap equipment says Parr.”

Geek Squad itself has been in operation since 1994 and in Canada for the last 10 years. Future Shop assumed control of it with a soft launch on August 1, 2014.

The Gear

Model Number / FS SKU Number
X300 (TW-X300), $299.99 : 10297758
REARVIEW CAMERA F550 (TWA-F550R) $99.99: 10298925

Front and Rear
THINKWARE Dash Cams have high video recording quality across the range, being capable to record at 720p High Definition for the H100 model, to 1080 Full HD for the X300 and F550 models. The F550 also comes standard with a Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor with Advanced Video Clearing Technology, automatically adjusting the level of exposure, contrast and image noise to improve video quality in bad weather or at night.

Upon starting the ignition, it automatically starts recording video, ensuring that all crucial details would be accurately captured during an incident. Equipped with an auto-looping function, the Dash Cam allows unused footage to be overwritten automatically if the memory card is full. The camera automatically stores the surrounding 20 seconds of the event into a flash drive, allowing the driver to review the footage at a later time.

The THINKWARE X300 and F550 Dash Cams also have an optional 720p HD rear view camera with motion-detection capability built-in to capture the view from the back of the vehicle to offer an all-encompassing, around-the-clock protection.

THINKWARE Dash Cam is a specialized on-board surveillance camera that monitors and records driving incidents. Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting ignition, and actively record video footages in an auto-looping mechanism. It has real-time impact detection, where upon sensing impact, the camera stores the incident footage in a secure place for reviewing purposes.

The footage can then be used as a form of supplementary evidence for insurance purposes, while protecting the driver against insurance frauds and hit-and-runs.

All THINKWARE Dash Cams use a Super Capacitor designed to withstand harsh conditions inside a car’s interior, enabling support of the parking surveillance mode while eliminating the risks of heat related battery failures. Even if the power is disconnected in the event of an accident, the Super Capacitor allows the videos to be safely stored. With this technology, THINKWARE Dash Cams offer a steady and dependable performance throughout a class-leading range of storage and operating temperatures.

Dual Save – a proprietary technology by THINKWARE – is specially designed to save recorded footages in both the Micro SD card and the built-in internal memory in incident recording, safeguarding against the loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision. In the event that the memory card is damaged, the Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of the video in the internal memory.

Infinity KAPPAFIVE – Future Shop # 10298945

  • 75 Watts x 4 and 300 Watts x 1
  • Variable high- and low-pass filters (32-320 Hz, 12dB per octave)
  • Bass Boost 0-12dB
  • Class D Amplifier Design
  • Differential balanced speaker and pre-amp level inputs

Infinity’s new Kappa amplifiers deliver world-class reliable power delivery in an all new compact footprint. So, not only do Infinity’s new Kappa amps sound great, but they take less space than any amplifier we have ever engineered and are smaller and easier to install than the amps available from the majority of our competitors. This has been accomplished using a high-power class-D amplifier circuit design which provides high output power, high overall efficiency and efficient transfer of heat from the transistors’ metal cases to the heat sink for the greatest in space-saving amplifier design.


  • Infinity 120.9W – FS# 10167623
  • $329.99
  • 350W RMS Power Handling, 1400W Peak
  • 2 or 4 Ohms

Looking for a more moving audio experience? Take Infinity car audio for a ride. Innovative materials and break through engineering have always put Infinity products out in front of the competition. So expect extreme output from Kappa subs, but be ready for accuracy and detail that may simply blow you away. Infinity’s revolutionary new Kappa Series subwoofers deliver true low-distortion high-performance with one incredible feature, Infinity’s Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI) design.

Front Speakers

  • Ref-6500CX – FS# 10206108
  • $249.99
  • Plus One™ woofer cones
  • Edge-driven tweeters
  • True 4-ohm architecture
  • UniPivot™ tweeters
  • Adjustable tweeter levels
  • Vented motor assemblies

Rear Speakers

  • KAPPA 62.11i – FS# 10298936
  • $219.99
  • Injected Carbon Glass Matrix (iCGM) frames
  • Vented motor assembly
  • Plus One woofer-cone technology
  • Edge-driven, soft-dome fabric tweeter
  • 2-ohm nominal impedance
  • Ultrahigh-frequency response (up to 25kHz)
  • Ultrahigh sensitivity (95dB@2.83v/1m)
  • UniPivot coaxial tweeter
  • Adjustable, push-button tweeter level control

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