20 resources for new computer programmers

Seeing as I’m getting back into programming in a big way I thought I would share my finds with anybody looking to step out into the world of coding computers. In this article I’ll break it down into three main categories: General Resources, Apple Development and Microsoft Development. If you’re a new computer programmer take a look at this list. I think it’ll help you get started.

General Resources

ideone.com – This site is a real gem. Bookmark this one if you can. I’ve found huge value in using this and would like to point out the link “recent codes” in the top right hand corner. You can filter by the programming language you’re using and voila you have some recent examples submitted by other users that you can fork and use for your own learning purposes. Just click on the hashtag links to drill into the examples.

reddit – This is one the best sharing resources for new programmers I’ve found. The main links I’d recommend here include the programming FAQ, the programming subreddit and the learn programming subreddit. I can’t say enough good things about this site including today’s find which includes a massive free iOS development course which I’ll mention later in the post.

Safari Books Online – If you can get access to this site do it now! Safari has tons of programming books and over 34,000 eBooks in total. Here’s a secret for those who don’t want to pay. Your public library may already subscribe to the academic license which means you could access this amazing resource at no cost. Ask your librarian or browse your local public library website.

Lynda.com – Here’s a site that has some professional videos and some of the absolute best trainers in the world. Again here you can pay a fee or perhaps see if your library subscribes to an academic license. If you are into iOS development you will find that Simon Allardice make learning that platform a breeze.

Stack Overflow – An awesome Q&A community of professional and enthusiast programmers. Click the “Tags” link to start and filter by the programming language of your choice.

TIOBE index – Still trying to figure out where you should be focusing your learning hours? This index lists the popularity of programming languages. In August 2014 the most popular is C.


Apple Development Resources

Resources for Apple Developers – Depending on what you’d like to develop for the Apple platform this is your starting point. Take your pick: iOS development or OS X development.

iOS Developer Library – This one’s pretty self explanatory. There’s a lot of content here and should keep you busy for a while.

Start Developing iOS Apps Today – A must read for anyone developing an iOS app. This is probably the best place to start. You can also download a PDF of this from here.

Download sample code – Having a problem getting started or want to see how all the pieces fit together?

WWDC videos – Some videos from the Worldwide Developer Conference.

bitfountain – The iOS7 development course is free and the iOS8 course is $499.

Ray Wenderlich – Another great tutorial site with tons of great content.


Microsoft Development Resources

Visual Studio Express – Don’t want to pay the hefty fee for Visual Studio? I would suggest you start here as the Express version probably has most of the functionality you need as a beginning programmer. Or if you are a student you may qualify via DreamSpark.

Microsoft Developer Network [MSDN] – This is your first stop on the way to a Microsoft development career. Choose your poison.

Visual Studio Documentation – If you are on a coding path you will probably spend a lot of time here.

.NET Framework Class Library –  … and here ….

VBA Developer Documentation – If you’re developing custom solutions for the Office Suite of products you’ll find a ton of content here.

Microsoft TechNet – This is primarily a resource for IT professionals but if you’re developing for the Microsoft platform you’ll find a ton of great information here.


Well that’s all I’ve got for now and should you keep you busy for a while. If you know of any other resources please let me know!

Thanks, Jay



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