Back to School heats up with great tech and gadgets

Did you hear the collective groan after the BC Long Weekend when students of all ages realized there was just one month before going back to school. Teacher’s are still on strike in BC so the school year may not start on time but when it does you need to make sure that your kids have all the latest and greatest.

Wearable Tech

Let’s hit this category right off the bat. It’s all the rage these days and it shouldn’t change by September. Smartwatches are a safe bet for back to school despite the price tag. Best Buy has some great options including galaxygear2the following:

Priced at $329.99, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 is the one to get. With the Galaxy Gear you can take calls and photos, track workouts, and get notifications for everything from emails to social networking events, even when your phone is elsewhere. The company plans to dominate the wearable market with stiff competition from Google and Apple so let the games begin.

Pebble Smartwatch is a lower priced option at $149.99. With the Pebble smartwatch, you don’t need to fumble around for your phone to see who’s calling or texting. We like this one because it pairs with your compatible Apple or Android device, so you can view notifications, control your tunes and much more, right from your wrist. With a waterproof design and easy-to-read e-paper display, Pebble can keep up with a busy, active lifestyle.

We have a number of favourites that we have reviewed over the last few months that would also make for great back to school items.

Venue 8 Pro

The Dell Venue 8 Pro gives the 8inch tablet space serious respectability. Having used an iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, We loved the detachable keyboard that comes with it as well as its screen and compact size. It would fit perfectly in a backpack and sit comfortably on a desk in a lecture hall.

Jabra Headphones

Jabra’s Wireless headphones are probably one of my all time favourite products to use. Configurable via bluetooth and easily useable with your iPhone or Android phone, these headphones won’t get caught on your clothes or tangled in your backpack because they don’t have long cords. Charge time is a concern so keep a charger close by.


A cleaning service may seem like an odd choice but once you find out how Handybook works you realize it’s the perfect fit for university students. Download the app and search for certified cleaning professionals in your area in just a few minutes.

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