Travelon waterproof case review

During a recent trip to the US I visited an Eddie Bower outlet store and picked up a Travelon clear view waterproof case for my iPhone. I figured I couldn’t go wrong for five bucks and the product declared that it was submersible to 65 feet and that it floats.

Now while I can’t prove that it’s good to 65 feet for the 30 minutes it claims I can attest to the fact that it does indeed float. It is also an IPX8 certified case.

The main issue I had with the case was the design and now I understand why this particular model was being cleared out for $5. There is an awkward opaque design on the back that completely covers the camera. Now my main reason for buying the unit was to take photos.

Inserting the phone upside down and backwards mostly resolved the issue but then the screen was partially covered. Well at least I can take an underwater photo now.

Inserting the phone itself was a bit awkward and required a bit of skill in getting inserted correctly. The pillow inside the case indicates if the seal has been compromised but pushing all the air out of the pillow was a bit of a challenge.

Overall I can’t complain for $5 but definitely wouldn’t recommend paying more considering the design issues. Perhaps newer models will feature a more functional design.


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