Hacked festival takes place in Vancouver August 11 – 14, 2014

Vancouver, BC – Hacked: Festival announces the first round of programming for this inaugural event taking place August 11 – 14, 2014 at the historic Yaletown Roundhouse. Hacked is pleased to present a stellar line up of local, national and international talent in the world of technology and revolutionary thinking. It has organized a lineup comprised of award-winning talent, controversial characters, people with amazing new ideas and people that have already changed the world. It is a lineup not to be missed.

Hacked Festival programming for Tuesday August 12 and Wednesday August 13th will include:

  • Ryan Bethencourt, Sr. Director (Life Sciences) Prize creation at X Prize Foundation and Co-Founder at Berkeley Biolabs (San Francisco)
  • Renee Black, Executive Director at Peace Geeks (Vancouver)
  • Eric Hersman, Founder BRCK, Ushahidi Project (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Tim Pool, Hacker Journalist, VICE Magazine, Creator of Tagg.ly (New York)
  • Shaharris Beh, co-founder of HackerNest Tech Socials (Toronto & Kuala Lampur)
  • Amal Graafstra, founder Dangerous Things (Seattle)
  • Aaron Hilton, CTO at Conquer Mobile (Vancouver)
  • Kharis O’Connell, Experience Design Director at Global Mechanic, Founder Cyborg Camp (Vancouver)
  • Jay Giraud, Co-Founder and CEO, MOJIO (Vancouver)
  • Nik Badminton, Founder From Now Conference, Principal at DesignCultureMind (Vancouver)
  • David Vogt, Urban Opus (Vancouver)
  • Michael Bidu, Founder at Sanotron, Executive Producer at Interface 2014 (Vancouver)

“Hacked is the festival I always wanted but didn’t know we could have. It’s an ongoing honour to work with such talented inventors in putting together this celebration of human ingenuity.” says Yaniv Talmor, Festival Producer.

“Hacked Festival dares all participants to not settle for status quo. We curated programming that recognizes there is a global movement in motion to profoundly change the world, make it better, healthier, safer and more connected. This is as much about giving people information through raising literacy in science and technology as is about celebrating our greatest potentials as a species of creators. ” says producer/curator, Cameron Kuc. “We are creating programming that is focused on story-telling in short format. We recognized other conference formats were either to long or not catering to the entire audience by being either too general and not specific enough for experts or being too inclusive by offering talks only on the highest levels. We chose a short format for our presentations, most talks are just fifteen minutes, and we are delivering the most inclusive and high-level information through workshops, which in most cases attendees can participate in for the cost of General Admission which is $20/day CAD.” continues Cameron.

The second round of programming to be released by on July 8, 2014.

Tickets are on sale for Hacked: Festival via the Hacked: Festival website at hackedfestival.com

About Hacked Festival
Hacked is an experimental festival celebrating disruptive innovation, exploration and art taking place in Vancouver this summer. It will feature hacker led programming with talks, music, games, hands-on workshops, exhibits and market, popup hackspaces, parties, films and opportunities for artistic expression.


To learn more about Hacked: Festival, please contact
Anne-Marie Enns, Festival Producer
Office: (604) 313-3831

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