bazinga! offers new avenues for connecting with your neighbours

bazinga!If you live in a condo or apartment building you may or may not know your neighbours. Often you make connections and realize that you may have more in common than you thought.

Enter bazinga! a Vancouver based company that aims offers an enhanced living package by leveraging those similar needs.

“Our platform connects people who share a building in a meaningful way in Vancouver says Joseph Nakhla, CEO of bazinga! This platform is riding on a lot trends happening now including social media and social network usage and the way people’s lives have become hyper local as a result of that.”

Consider this scenario. Say you need a babysitter and all your regular sitters are not available. You don’t know that your neighbour across the hall works at a daycare and could easily fill your babysitting need. Log in to bazinga! and bam you realize Susan is the perfect sitter you need.

Over 820 buildings have signed up for bazinga! as have some of Canada’s biggest developer names such as Bosa, Onni, Tridel, and Plaza.

bazinga! Online and as an App


bazinga! basically digitizes a building including all of its bylaws, document management, and other functions. Using the Loop which acts like a Facebook wall for a building, it allows residents to post an alert and tell their neighbours of things that are happening.

With bazinga! all information resides in one central place. Residents wanting to get bazinga! into their building must onboard the assets related to their building while new properties will already have it. Strata managers can act as an Administrator as can building residents.

bazinga! is not meant for strictly high income areas either. Lots of different income areas use it and it can be customized to specific building needs.

“Adoption and engagement rates are around 75 percent for a building on the platform. People average 6 and half minutes per session when using it. On mobile devices, people will login two times per day on average says Nakhla.”

When asked if bazinga! is for a younger demographic given their familiarity with technology, Nakhla says that is not the case at all. “We’re selling older and non connected generations on it too. This app can appeal to a range of people and income groups.”

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