Cologix Vancouver site offers state of the art technology and high security

Companies have multiple options when managing IT infrastructure. They have to look at costs, equipment, physical location and security concerns. Cologix aims to ease some of these worries by offering both the physical location and a high level of security to their customers.

The Denver based company opened its newest site in Vancouver on March 23rd, 2014. They have 18 Data Centres across North America, with Canadian facilities in Montreal and Toronto, and two in Vancouver. Phase 1 of the newest data centre in Vancouver is complete and is now 30 percent sold. It offers 7,000 square feet of space for customers. Phase 2 which is under construction will be 8,000 square feet bringing the centre to 15,000 total.

After touring the facility, I was impressed. Not only did I learn a lot ahome2bout the company but also what Cologix is able to offer its customers is nothing short of impressive. During my tour I spoke with Andrew Fowler, Sales Director for Cologix Canada.

“We are measured by the company we keep,” says Fowler. “Look at our customer list and see who is a Cologix customer. You will be impressed. We also offer a highly secure facility, are available 24/7 and are easy to do business with.”

Companies often worry about what will happen to their networks should there be a power failure. Cologix is able to support power even without BC Hydro.

“We have 2 UPS Banks and 2 Generators that would allow us to keep the facility running should we lose power. We also have two large diesel engines which can each give a separate day’s worth of power. Our backups options are also tested often to make sure that they will be ready to go should when needed.”

Network Neutral and Colocation Space

Cologix operates as a network neutral data centre a term I had not heard of before. A quick search on the web led me to find this info on Wikipedia.  A network-neutral data center is a data center  which allows interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers and/or colocation providers. Network-neutral data centers exist all over the world and vary in size and power.

A telecommunications carrier could run a data may be or may not be a colocation provider as well. They would sell organizations using their services such as internet access. Cologix does do this. It provides physical space and power only for its customers.

Cologix in Vancouver now has two colocation spaces – at 555 West Hastings, which is Harbour Centre, and at 1050 West Pender Street.  The facility at 1050 West Pender Street has a physical connection to Harbour Centre via fibre optic cable and that could allow it to act as an annex of Harbour Centre site, something that many companies would find appealing.

When asked why Vancouver was chosen as a site for Cologix Fowler says this has many advantages. “Being in the PST timezone is useful for our customers. We’re also close to a big U.S. city like Seattle. Our customers also like that data storage occurs outside of the US and that Vancouver is well connected to Asia.”

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