Father’s Day Hot Tech and Gadgets Ideas from Vancouver Gadgets

Tech and Gadgets gifts are great at any time of year and Father’s Day is no exception. We review and post about a lot products throughout the year and we’ve recapped some great products here that your Dad will love.

Samsung Galaxy S5 galaxys5

Samsung devices are also a big seller for Father’s Day. With the release of the Galaxy S5 in April, Dad could be waiting on this as a gift for his special day. Though we haven’t had chance to review this one yet, Samsung always delivers something special. Check out our Tech News post on it here.

Phantom Glass Phantom Glass

Perhaps Dad will get a Samsung or Apple phone for Father’s Day. He’ll want to protect it and Phantom Glass is just the thing he’ll need for his screen. We reviewed it last week and have nothing but good things to say about. It is super easy to install, clean and is available at many retailers in Vancouver.

Jabra JabraSportWirelessPlus

We’ve reviewed two Jabra Products now, the Solemate and the Wireless+ cordless headphones. The Solemate is a portable speaker with Bluetooth capabilities that enhances the sound on your portable devices such as your smartphone or tablet. We love its size and power. We travelled with it and it holds up well too.

The Wireless+ headphones are one of our favourite tech products so far this year. Cordless and super easy to pair with your devices via bluetooth, they are compact and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Stanmore Marshall BlueTooth Speaker stanmore

If your Dad is an ex musician or just loves to listen to rock and roll, The Stanmore Marshall speaker is the thing for him. Branded with the look of Marshall’s guitar amps, it delivers serious tone and clarity that any non musician could appreciate.

Experience Headphones experienceheadphoneslogo

Father’s Day is a great time to get Dad a new pair of headphones. He might be a serious audiophile or just a casual listener and Experience Headphones has all that he’ll need. With top brands such as Marshall and LSTN, either one would make a great Father’s Day gift. Experience opened only last year and this local company has set out create a word class brand for premium headphones.

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