Getac Announces T800 Rugged Tablet With 8.1-Inch Display

Getac, a leading manufacturer of rugged computers, is introducing the T800 rugged tablet. At less than 9 x 6 inches in size and boasting a brilliant 8.1-inch display, the T800 is the ideal compact rugged tablet for today’s mobile workforce.

Combining the latest in processor and wireless technology with an ultra-rugged exterior and Getac’s unique SnapBack add-on accessories, the Getac T800 is the perfect fit for use in extreme working environments including those found in the utilities, military, field service, public safety and transportation sectors. The new T800 runs Windows 8.1 Pro.Getac Tablet

T800 incorporates the most advanced computing technology that will enable seamless and reliable data communication and transmission, field data collection and secure identification recognition feature.

8.1 inch Display

The T800 rugged tablet features an 8.1-inch sunlight-readable display — 34 percent larger screen area than other 7-inch tablets — for everyone who needs the larger screen size.

Thin and Light

From the start, the T800 was engineered as a compact rugged tablet to be both thin and light. The new tablet is only 2.4cm thick, less than 22.7cm x 15.1cm in length and width, weighs just 880g, and it is designed to easily fit in one hand.

SnapBack Add-ons

Unique to the T800 is Getac’s SnapBack add-ons. Created as an extension to the T800, the SnapBack add-ons make it quick and easy to add an extended battery or 2-in-1 SmartCard reader and RFID reader module. And they easily snap right on and off — no tools necessary.

LumiBond(TM) Display Technology

The T800 uses Getac’s revolutionary LumiBond technology to achieve a display that is more readable especially under sunlight, offers better contrast, and gives crisper colours than any other rugged tablet display does. By bonding the display glass with the touch panel and LCD, Getac created a single pane that is more durable and improves readability.

Flexible I/O interfaces

T800 provides extensive I/O ports options to satisfy the job needs of professionals in the field, including optional RS232, LAN, Micro SD, and one-dimensional / two-dimensional bar code reader, allowing tasks to be handled and completed impeccably anywhere, any time.

Quad-Core Performance

Inside the T800, Getac packed an incredible amount of power and advanced technology. Built with the Intel(R) Quad-core(TM) Bay Trail M N3530 2.16 GHz processor, the T800 can remain running at near full speed when other tablets processors would throttle back performance to avoid overheating.

Lasting Power

The T800 rugged tablet boasts up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. Additionally, you can have 8 hours SnapBack battery add-ons at the ready for potentially infinite, uninterrupted battery life. This allows you to keep working without ever shutting down your apps or the Windows OS.

Tri-Pass-Through WiFi & GPS

Getac packed the new T800 rugged tablet with the latest technologies. It incorporates the latest 802.11ac WiFi for data-transfer speeds up to three times faster than 802.11n products have. In-house developed 8-band, 3D antenna technology boosts more reliable wireless reception and broader coverage. The T800’s dedicated GPS also offers two times the search capacity, faster location positioning and improved accuracy over competitors’ embedded GPS designs. For vehicle deployments, the T800 can be configured with pass-through antenna ports allowing you to simultaneously connect high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN roof-mounted antennae.


The new T800 rugged tablet was built to survive. In fact, the T800 was engineered to survive 6 feet drops, shocks, spills, vibration, dust, liquid and more. The T800 has been independently tested and certified to MIL-STD 810G and IP65, and ANSI certified Sku is also available for users operating in explosive dangerous environments.


SOURCE Getac Technology Corporation

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