ElectronicBox among the 30 fastest growing company’s in Canada

Jean-Philippe Béïque
CEO Jean-Philippe Béïque. Photo by Christian Blais

ElectronicBox, an independent internet service provider (ISP), is expanding throughout Canada. Customers use its services in two Canadian provinces, making it the largest independent cable internet provider in Quebec and one of the thirty fastest growing company’s in Canada.

ElectronicBox’s has 20,000 customers in the Quebec and Ontario as well as fifty full-time and part-time employees. Both sufficient capitalization and network infrastructure as well as competitive pricing will continue to fuel its growth. ElectronicBox has built its networks to beat other ISP’s so that its users have fast and scalable bandwidth. It also provides superior bandwidth during peak hours of internet usage.

Jean-Philippe Béïque, is CEO & Chairman of the Board for ElectronicBox. He notes that “our growth and success is due to our complete product portfolio of DSL, Cable, Fiber and VoIP options, competitive pricing, and devoted staff. We have been in Canada for 15 years and have created this loyal customer base that has helped to sustain our growth. We’ve also kept a lot of our employees in Canada such as our ISP call center in Quebec.”

Béïque expects that continued execution of these strategies will allow it to expand throughout the country and become the première independent ISP in Canada. For more information on ElectronicBox please check out their website at http://www.electronicbox.net/en/

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