INcubes International Exchange Program provides assistance for Accelerator Program graduates

INcubesINcubes is a Toronto based accelerator that teams up with emerging entrepreneurs and talented startups to create solid businesses out of innovative products and ideas. INcubes’ international network has attracted partners, mentors and investors from across many countries including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Since December 2011, it has received almost 2000 applications, built a network of over 120 mentors, and nurtured a portfolio of 20 Companies –over 80% of which are still active. INcubes also enjoyed its first exit last December, when was acquired by Slyce Inc.

With its two flagship programs, the Funnel Program and the Acceleration Program, INcubes connects with the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, those with goals of turning into international success stories.

This week INcubes announced the INcubes International Exchange Program (IIEP). The IIEP was created to give more value for companies that graduate from the Accelerator Program. INcubes has partnered with many hubs, accelerators and incubators from across the globe, in locations such as the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South America, and the USA. Partners are:

The IIEP provides the opportunity for the INcubes graduate companies to visit any of partner site, work from the space provided, and get relevant referrals from partner hubs and accelerators to help the companies access the different local markets. Likewise, companies that graduate from INcubes’ partner organizations can come to INcubes – one of the top accelerators in Canada – and use INcubes’ offices as well as access the INcubes network.

INcubes looks for companies with global potential and, as such, many of its graduates are actively conducting business in other countries. This initiative provides these graduates with a soft international landing as they expand globally, as well as provides international companies with a home base to work out of while they expand into the Canadian and North American markets.

For further details, please visit: INcubes International Exchange Program


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