How can I create a bookmark in Adobe Reader XI?

create reader bookmarkEver wonder how you can make bookmarks in your PDF document? With Adobe Reader I felt this frustration the other day and hunted around for some solutions but didn’t really find anything that suited me. After all who wants to hunt around in a 500 – 1000 page PDF for the spot they stopped reading? It’s just plain frustrating. Fortunately there are some easy and useful tools to get you on your way.

Today I’ll share what I think are the best options to create bookmarks in Adobe Reader XI. The two methods I’ll share include using annotations and drawing markups and creating a custom stamp. Before you get started you’ll want to make sure your PDF isn’t marked as read only as you could encounter error messages. To remove read only in Windows try the following:

  1. Right click your PDF file
  2. Select Properties
  3. Uncheck Read-only

Another thing I should mention is that you should turn on the option in your PDF document to restore last view settings when reopening documents.

  1. With the PDF document open select Edit > Preferences
  2. Browse to the Documents category
  3. Select the option “Restore last view settings when reopening documents”

Annotations and Drawing Markups

  1. With your PDF file open click View > Comment > Annotations. (this should make the annotations and drawing markups sidebar appear
  2. Simply read your document and when you get to a spot you want to stop at select one of the icons to either leave a comment or insert an arrow image for example. Notice how in the comments list your changes will appear. When you click on one of these changes it should take you directly to the place you left off.
  3. When you are done reading remember to close and save your PDF so that your changes are applied!


Using a Custom Stamp as a Bookmark

  1. Now this is where it’s important that your PDF is not a read-only file (see above to remove this option)
  2. What I did is save an image from Google Image Search to my local drive. I found a great classic shot of U2 during their Joshua Tree tour from the late 1980’s, which was a great concert by the way.
  3. create bookmark in readerSave the JPG image to your local drive.
  4. Now here you need a PDF. To convert an image to a usable PDF you can open Word and insert the image there and then “save as” PDF.
  5. Back in your PDF document from the Annotations sidebar you should select the option “Add Stamp” > “Custom Stamps” > “Create Custom Stamps”
  6. This is where you’ll need to browse to the PDF you just created from Word.
  7. Choose a category and name your stamp.
  8. Now you have your own stamp that can be inserted whenever you need a bookmark

I hope this helped you as much as it helped me. Let me know if you have any questions and what images you used for your own stamps!



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