Kidoodle.TV offers great programming for Canadian and U.S. kids

Last September Vancouver Gadgets sent out a Tech News piece about a new TV service for kids called Kidoodle.TV.

This week I got a chance to take a look at Kidoodle and am happy to note its available for iOS and for Android. Android functionality became available last week.

While in Beta Test last year the service was only available via the web and I had to view it on my Mac. That’s not so bad but being able stream shows and watch them on multiple devices that is a better option. Beta versions of services such as this take a while to work out bugs and improve so its good to see Kidoodle has made steps in the right direction.

After downloading the app to my iPad, I’m on a 4 with iOS 7, I noticed they have incorporated Airplay capability into Kidoodle as well so I can send programs to my Apple TV which is even better.


Families on a budget will want to know the cost of such a service and rightly so. Kidoodle costs $4.99/month for unlimited streaming and families can have up 5 profiles access Kidoodle.TV on multiple devices. This follows the same model of other streaming type services like Netflix.


Kidoodle.TV features content designed for kids 12 and under. Parents can restrict content based on age, viewing habits, and family values.

A quick view of Netflix, I’m on the Canadian version, points to a potential rivalry between the two services. When I asked Kristen Marion, Kidoodle PR Rep at Pitch Public Relations, she told me they don’t have any direct comparison with Kids programming on Netflix.

They do have over 5,000 episodes between Canada and the United States. They will also continue to build their content library and get more content based on user feedback. Depending on your budget, you may find Netflix is enough if you need shows for your kids to watch but Kidoodle has a lot of merit as well. You can view their current content library here.

Users of Netflix also know about the huge difference between the number of titles found on the U.S. and Canadian services. I was curious to know if Kidoodle was the same. Currently content offered by Kidoodle.TV is available in both Canada and the United States. However, some titles are exclusive to each country and are geo-targeted to the subscriber’s IP address per country.

User Interface

kidoodleKidoodle allows you to customize up to 5 profiles by name, avatar and background color. I choose Grey the penguin. I didn’t bother to filter anything else but it will allow you to filter titles for each profile by age as well as on a title-by-title selection basis. You can also impose time limits on the amount of programming your kids can consume as well as locking profiles from the parent room.

Accessing the parent room requires a four digit pass code which is great for security purposes. Here is where I was able to edit any of the 5 profiles as I saw fit. Once you lock a profile it requires the passcode to open it.

Scrolling the library of available programs, I chose a favourite of mine as a kid, Inspector Gadget. Kidoodle has categories such as New Shows and Episodes, Popular, Heroes of the Day and Girl Power.

Calgary based a Parent Media Co. Inc. developed Kidoodle.TV. This company is a family-oriented corporation that understands the concerns and needs of today’s parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to make sure the safe media viewing practices of their children. Kidoodle.TV provides a safe viewing environment for children and a value-enriched experience for families.

Using Kidoodle was an enjoyable experience. Availability across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android and on multiple devices really piqued my interest. The interface is easy to download and use and to navigate and make changes to locked profiles. This is definitely a service to keep an eye as they add more content and functionality for a great user experience!

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