WaterSeal Technology Launches Campaign on Indiegogo

WaterSeal Technology are the creators of a revolutionary process that applies a protective nano-coating to your smartphone to protect it from water damage. WaterSeal Technology is launching a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo on October 29th.

Waterproofing Your Smartphone

After extensive time and energy into research and development, WaterSeal Technology has developed a revolutionary process that applies a protective nano- coating that fully protects your smartphone from accidental water damage. This process is unique in the industry as they treat the inside of the phone, where the electronics are; growing a microscopically thin layer of translucent, waterproof material, right onto the inside of the smartphone. The coating is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and unlike most cases, it does not compromise the look, feel, and performance of the smartphone.

Recently named Calgary Herald’s Startup of the Week, WaterSeal Technology is making waves in a field brimming with fragile products. The process is simple: drop off your phone or have it couriered to their Calgary lab and they will have the phone returned back to you- ‘WaterSealed’

Crazy Simple Service Promise

The coating is entirely invisble, good for life and is backed by their “Crazy,Simple” warranty. If your WaterSealed phone suffers water damage from a spill or a short dip in water (accidental water exposure), then WaterSeal Technology simply refunds you any funds spent with WaterSeal.

About WaterSeal Technology

WaterSeal got started when co-founder Craig Dunn’s iPhone ended up in a hot tub and stopped working. Craig thought there had to be a way to saved others from the homeFishbowltime, money, and frustration spent replacing a water damaged smartphone. Partnering with fellow Calgary entrepreneur Mike Wellwood, the idea was to transfer revolutionary technology to real life in a Crazy Simple, customer friendly way. Their mission – Save every phone from water and make every customer extremely happy. The co-founders Mike Wellwood and Craig Dunn are both serial entrepreneurs with a history of innovative start-ups in technology, energy and finance.

Research and Development

“Many innocent phones died horrible, ugly deaths in our R&D department to make sure we had the right technical solution,” said WaterSeal Technology founder Mike Wellwood. With greater integration of smartphone technology into daily life, society is sure to benefit from their hard work. Early adopters seem to have faith; clients have put the technology through the ringer; from voluntary exposure in a rainstorm to a runner’s free-spirited cool-off in the Bow River. These examples through beta testers show complete functionality after exposure to water.

The WaterSeal Technology Campaign

The WaterSeal treatment is currently available for iPhones 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Discover and BlackBerry Bold and the list continues to grow. WaterSeal Technology is currently moving forward with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign; the goal is help get the word out about this innovative technology, to raise funds for continued R&D and to roll out licensed locations across Canada and the USA.

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