Jabra Solemate packs a punch as a portable speaker

I must admit I’m new to the phenomena of portable speakers. Add bluetooth into the mix and I have a fresh challenge on my hands which is why I love to blog and write about tech. Having played with the Jabra Solemate now for a few weeks I’m impressed by the power this little speaker packs being that it’s as small as it is.

Price and Product SpecificationsJabra Solemate

The Jabra Solemate is $199 comes in black or white and is available at select Bell stores, BestBuy.ca and TheSource.ca.

It connects to any device that can play music – either corded or wirelessly – using Bluetooth technology, a 3.5mm audio cable or USB cable. This includes a mobile phone, tablet, iPad®, iPod®, mp3 Player or laptop.

It weighs about 610 grams or 1.2 pounds and comes with a bag provides that provides an extra layer of protection when you take it outdoors or to work with you. I think this is a great case because it fits the Jabra Solemate, charger and USB cable for connection to computer easily. It would help to have a bit better strap for the outer bag because I struggled to fit my hand through it and would like to have been able to sling it around my wrist so I don’t drop it while carrying it.

I loved the design of the unique rubber ‘sole’ that stores the 3.5 mm audio cable. The cable itself hooks right into your iPhone or iPod headphone jack but you don’t have a lot of room to work with here which is why the USB and Bluetooth options are better ones. I’d suggest using the 3.5mm cable as an option like I did. The Jabra was sitting next to my MacBookPro while I was at work at my desk with the cable plugged in. The boost in sound from the Jabra Solemate is a huge improvement on using laptop speakers. The speakers themselves in the Jabra Solemate include an integrated subwoofer and dual tweeters.

Battery Life

Like any portable device battery life is a big question for me. With the Jabra Solemate you’re looking at 10 hours Talk Time as the most before it runs out of power. Standby Time is 960 hour(s) for the Solemate to stay powered on. It’s chargeable by USB cable and it’s Battery Status Indicator reveals the remaining battery time. The indicator button is on top of the Jabra Solemate.

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