Zyroshell car and desk phone cradle review

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Zyroshell car and desk phone cradle is making its way out of the labs and into our cars and offices.

I’ve had the Zyroshell phone cradle for a while now and almost forgot I had it as it has blended in so well. It’s a gadget that’s so simple but functional. I’ve used this in a couple of cars the first of which is an Acura and it was nice to have something to hold my phone during the morning and afternoon commutes. The only negative thing I would have to say is that when I removed the device from the one car to move it to another there was a degree of residue left behind. In fact you could see the outline of where the unit was adhered to the dashboard.

phone cradle
phone cradle

Now that I’ve moved it into the Honda I think its found a permanent home as the entire family has found value in it whether it be from using the maps and GPS applications in our smartphones to watching videos on Netflix like SpongeBob Squarepants. I like the metallic look of the unit and the fact that my smartphones quickly adhere to the cradle. This is a refreshing option compared to some of the plastic-y types of units available. One word of caution though, just make sure you push your smartphone firmly onto the cradle. There is a gel pad that is used to temporaily attach your phone and if you don’t push firmly enough you may find your phone on the floor. Also remember to replace the dust cover to the gel pad after every use otherwise the life of your unit could be compromised. Here’s a description from the Kickstarter page.

The baseplate attaches to dashboards or desks using a gel pad (non-adhesive sticky technology). The gel pads leave no sticky residue, are reusable, as well as washable.

The ultra-low profile (2.4mm), soft and flexible design of the baseplate conforms to curved dashboards and console areas. The upper wing of the cradle has a strong gel pad to hold the phone securely through extensive vibration. However, it can easily be detached by hand.

Overall I would rate this item a “BUY”. It’s solid and works as advertised. There were a couple of issues though but I’m sure the vendor is looking at getting those resolved.

Find Phone Cradles at Amazon

If you’re interested in buying the Zyroshell you can get one on their website.



phone cradle



honda phone cradle

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