Text for Info allows consumers to send text messages to codes found on ‘For Rent’ or ‘For Sale’ signs

manayaText for Info is a service that allows Canadians to instantly view information advertised by For Rent and For Sale signs. All you have to do is send a text message to a unique keyword on the sign using any mobile phone.

Manaya a Vancouver-based mobile marketing company and Klassen Bronze Limited, Canada’s largest manufacturer and supplier of signage products, announced this partnership on Tuesday and it will change the way Canadians gather information from outdoor For Sale and For Rent signs using Text for Info.

Text for Info: How it Works


Text For Info
Text For Info

Text for Info signs will allow interested consumers to send text messages, to unique codes found on Klassen’s ‘For Rent’ or ‘For Sale’ signs, using any mobile phone. By sending a text message, potential customers instantly receive information about items listed for rent or sale directly to their mobile phone to view – including price, details, photos, contact information and more.

For purchasers of Manaya and Klassen’s Text for Info signs, the registration process is straight-forward and stress-free. Users simply visit the Text for Info website immediately after purchase, input details and photos of items for sale or rent, write in the unique code provided by the website and visibly display the Text for Info sign allowing customers to text it at any time. Text for Info signs can be re-used, have unlimited text inquiries and allow purchasers to automatically post their items to a growing list of popular search sites.

Manaya and Klassen’s partnership comes at a time when mobile usage rates in Canada are at an all time high and continue to multiply. With text messaging built into 100% of mobile phones, and Canadians sending more than 270 million text messages per day, Text for Info will serve as a simple and convenient tool for all to use.

On the decision to partner with Manaya, Jeff Whitesell, Vice President of Finance and Operations, for Klassen Bronze Limited shares, “We are always looking for ways to enhance our offerings, so when we came across the opportunity to leverage the signage business through a partnership with Manaya, we jumped at the chance. There has never been a better time for us to make the leap into mobile marketing and we are confident this tool will help drive our business forward. We believe that Text for Info signs will serve as the next new wave in how people advertise”.

David Polisi, founder of Manaya shares, “We are living in an age of instant information, where it’s no longer acceptable to make people jump through hoops to get the information they’re seeking. The traditional outdoor signage industry in particular is one that is fraught with barriers to obtaining information – including missed phone calls, leaving and returning voicemails and the potential to lose out on a sale when the response rate between both parties is not in sync.”

“Recognizing this, I knew we had the chance to seize the opportunity to pair For Rent and For Sale signage together with mobile technology. By strategically partnering together with Klassen, we are very excited to be able to give all Canadians with a simple and easy to use tool that gives the ability to use information directly from these signs around the clock”, Polisi adds.

Text for Info signs will be available in most hardware stores across Greater Vancouver Area this Fall, with plans to later expand across Canada. For more information on Text for Info signs and how to register, them please visit: textforinfo.ca

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