Nokia Lumia 1020 battery life issues, problems and troubleshooting tips and tricks

I’ve been testing out the Nokia Lumia 1020 over the past few days and haven’t been able to get the battery to last more than a day with very minimal usage. I have reset the phone from Settings > About > Reset and hope to see what happens from there. I will keep you all posted. I have also removed the charging cover and am not using the charging plate at this time but only connecting directly to a power source. At this point the device is completely drained and in the process of charging back up.

BV-5XW Battery
BV-5XW Battery

If you have any issues or resolutions to the Nokia Lumia 1020 battery issues, please post a comment below. Thanks!

Edit Oct. 10, 2013: I’ve been in touch with the vendor and found this is not normal behaviour for these units and will be sending in for a fix. FYI the 1020 was fully charged last night when I went to bed and completely drained when I woke up in the morning. I had done a factory reset and hadn’t installed any apps. I’ll keep you all posted.

FYI, one thing I forgot to mention was that in Settings > Battery Saver, I had turned this feature on for the Lumia 1020 and I noticed on the other Nokia smartphone I had been using, the Lumia 920, a small heart appeared when the battery got low and would literally last up to 5 days just on standby.

I’ve been checking out the Nokia Forums and found the following post that may be related.

The heat is normal in devices, and that said, also to note that if there is more battery being drained then the charger is able to produce, than it will drain. this could be especially more common on the laptops if you are charging from them.

Couple of things could be… the GPS is hung in a loop and though the application is not showing doesn’t mean that the component isn’t stuck on some how, sucking battery power. The GPRS connection is stuck/locked in the background, not letting you get on, and also a sort of “short” causing battery drain.

My guess is that you have already rebooted the device. If not, try it to be sure that it gives the device the opportunity to shut everything down completely. so let it be off for at least 2 minutes to be sure the power drains.

If that doesn’t work, there could be corruption…it happens and not necessarily anything you have done….and you could try factory resetting the device through the settings/about/reset your phone, or you could hard reset it by turning off the device, then hold the camera+vol down+power until you feel it vibrate and then release ONLY the power button so that it will continue to start. Doing this will wipe your device to factory state and completely reinstall the OS on the EMMC. so if there are any corruption issues that should fix it…if it doesn’t, take it back to ATT and swap it out immediately.

6 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 battery life issues, problems and troubleshooting tips and tricks

    1. Hi Jeremy, thanks for the comment. I’ve gotten in touch with the vendor and they are going to send a waybill so I can send back for a fix. This isn’t normal behaviour considering I just did a factory reset and didn’t install any apps. Looks like a defective battery in my case. Jay


  1. I have been using this phone from last 2 days and while I liked the phone the battery on my device is pathetic. I cannot get to more than 4 to 5 hrs of battery life even if I use it or dont use it. If you have any other solution please let me know.


  2. I am also having problems with charging the 1020. Charging via their cable to a socket and still sticks at 43 – 47% after a full night charge. Have taken off the camera battery as thought that may have a connection problem but it only seems to charge when being used, not when it goes into sleep mode so to speak. Am going to try switching off and back on again as suggested, then will take it to a guru (UK based) and get a bit annoyed!!!


  3. I’ve also been having problems with my 1020. but the greatest problem comes with using the gps. I had an N800 before the 1020 and I use the gps a lot, actualy all the time that I’m in my car to get traffic orientation. but what i’ve noticed is that with the gps navigation on and the phone recharging in the car, the battery still continues to drain itself. So I cant use the gps for long rides.
    I have tried different chargers, claimed to be more powerful, from 1 to 3 Amps, but none of the show any improvement.

    has anyone had a similar experience?


  4. I am not using my Lumina 1020 as I have a new Samsung .
    Wonder if the battery will not long last the life if I don’t charge it.
    I wanted to give to my sister in December 2015 as a gift but worried if the battery will not be working at that time.
    Should I keep charging though not in use daily?
    Shall take off the battery to give more life to it?


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