SafeCase a sturdy and protective option for the iPhone 4S

Having already reviewed the Snugg iPad 4 case back in the spring I figured it was time to try another of their cases SnuggSafeCasefor my iPhone 4S. At first glance I was amazed how sturdy the Safe Case was and then I realized why upon reading the packaging. It’s meant to protects users from electromagnetic radiation emitted from your phone.

I hadn’t realized that the iPhone 4s is one of the highest radiation emitting smartphones on the market and that’s a concern for anyone who uses the phone as much as I use mine.

Why Use the SafeCase

The SafeCase is designed to cut the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) given by iPhone units up to 92%. It will also limit hot spot radiation (EFI) by 90%.  The SafeCase is also made from non-hazardous materials and will not compromise the performance of your cell phone unit.

I have had the case on my iPhone for about two weeks and haven’t noticed anything via WiFi or 3G in terms of weak internet or app usage or dropped calls.  The case itself also takes a pounding and whether the manufacturers intended it or not, I’ve dropped my iPhone a couple of times and not even seen a scratch. SafeCase is available for both iPhone 4 & 4S and that works well for me.

Can I buy it in Canada?

I visited Snugg’s Canadian version of their website and found the case for sale for 44.99$. Shipping will run you $7.50 for a five-day postal delivery and courier delivery of two days will cost you $10.00. I would say this case is a worthwhile investment for both the health risks associated with cell phone use and the durability of the case. I’d recommend this as a case for iPhone 4S users and I plan to use this case for a while.

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