Built for Kids Kidoodle.TV Launches in Beta in North America

Kidoodle.TVA Parent Media Co. Inc. (“APMC”) is pleased to announce the launch of its North American beta test for its children’s subscription video on-demand service, Kidoodle.TV. Offering early access across the United States and Canada, APMC is giving families the ability to influence the shape and content of Kidoodle.TV from the start!

Families can to sign up at www.kidoodle.tv for the free beta service, initially available through Mac and PC environments, and expanding to iPhone and iPad in a few weeks’ time. Over the coming weeks of beta, extra content and features will be rolled out and tested, along with access through the different devices.

Parental feedback and ideas will be an part of the evolution of Kidoodle.TV! “During the beta test phase, it is our goal to use real parents to help us grow a better product by giving them the opportunity to test out Kidoodle.TV and give their constructive feedback,” said Mike Lowe, APMC Co-Founder and President.

Kidoodle.TV Beta Test Process

During the beta test, select moms from across North America will also be asked to review the service. Their advice will shape the next round of development and content acquisition for Kidoodle.TV.

Built for kids, not just for them, Kidoodle.TV is designed specifically for the use and navigation of kids (ages 12 and under), ensuring an age-appropriate viewing experience.

Featuring a brightly colored, easy-to-use user interface, customizable Kid Profiles for up to 5 kids, and great entertainment and educational content from a variety of sources, Kidoodle.TV is child oriented and convenient, with no adult content and with robust controls for parents. Once logged into Kidoodle.TV, parents simply select a Kid Profile and hand off the navigation to the child.

According to Lowe, consumers in our on-the-go society are mandating a different format for television and video entertainment. “They demand the freedom and diversity offered by Internet access – watching what they want, when they want, but with parameters built-in to aid with child safety”. APMC will feed the demand for accessibility by offering Kidoodle.TV in a mobile format, with the first formats being tested in phases over beta (initially Mac and PC and later expanding to iPhone and iPad). Access through Android and Gaming Consoles will also be available over the coming months.

Lowe also acknowledges the demand for customized service. “We know and appreciate that every family’s values are different. What may be acceptable content for one family may not match the values of another. Kidoodle.TV allows you to vet the content, giving you the ability to cancel out titles and allowing you to tailor viewing within Kid Profiles to match family values or to restrict content access based on age.”

Children are particularly vulnerable to the messages conveyed through television. The Kidoodle.TV service is right for its audience and is free of advertising within its Kid Profiles. APMC has focused on delivering a service that provides a positive growth experience for kids, combining educational and enriched content components with popular entertainment.

Once the beta test is complete later this year, the service will be commercially available for only $4.99 per month for up to five household users.



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