Bang and Olufsen devices produce sweet sounds for the music lover

bangandolufsenIn the realm of audio Bang and Olufsen offers some great gadgets for those who are true audio nuts or who just love to listen to their music really loud.

Back in late August I visited the store on West 7th Ave in Vancouver and met with Albert Iglesias and we ran through some of the company’s offerings.

Bang and Olufsen H6 and H3

We started with some of Bang and Olufsen’s headphones including the H3 and H6. While it’s hard to translate how good the sound quality in a short video clip let me just say that the H6 pounded like nothing i have ever used. I demo’ed them on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. While they would be awkward for running and exercise they would be great should you be sitting at a desk or on the couch. The H3 headphones are better for portable use but treat them with care because they are far more expensive than a pair of Apple headphones. They retail for $274.95.

Bang and Olufsen Beolit Play

One of my favourite Bang and Olufsen products was the Beolit Play. It offers a wireless and portable music system that works with your digital devices. I took my iPhone and MacBook Pro along for the demo and was able to use its Virtual Airplay to play music from my iTunes through the speaker. Granted I had wifi access while at the store and this is something you should know. That being said the sound was awesome.

Bang and Olufsen A8

I also had a chance to demo the A8, another of the Bang and Olufsen products that is one-piece stereo brings your music to life from your digital devices. It functions as a docked or undocked device when you insert an iPod or iPhone and like the Play produces rich quality audio. I’ve put a short video on our You Tube Channel as well of this device and you should note the connector is on the top of the device. I did not slot my iPhone or take an iPod to try and we again employed the virtual airplay feature.

Bang and Olufsen A9

Albert and I also demo’ed the A9 and one of the features I loved in this product was the ability to glide your hand over the top of the A9 to increase and decrease the volume.

The A9 is a giant speaker situated on top of a stand and like the A8 packs a wallop in the sound department. The B and O products are all sleek and stylish and the bass delivered by the A9 really pounds at high volume.


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